Sunday, January 4, 2015



Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2014 12:01:11 +0800
Subject: The winds of change.

Hello the family!!

Well this week has gone by really well, super fast, but also pretty weird all at the same time.  But our spirits are high and we are happily doing the lords work here in Dong gang.

To start off the week we had a wonderful Monday, however this Monday was a little different from other Mondays because it wasn't really P-day, as they had changed it due to some visa problems with the new missionaries.  This Monday we were really able to get a little bit of good proselyting, and were able to have a good time teaching the gospel.

I think the biggest things that happened this week however happened on Wednesday night and throughout most of Sunday.  First off Wednesday night as you might know by now is our English class, and usually the week before transfers we would have an English Party, so that if you think you are going to leave you can take a picture with the people that you like, or just get a good last invitation out to them.  This month we decided that we (of course) wanted to have a Christmas party, and just celebrate Christmas because people here don't really do that, so we had a fun time having a paper snowball fight, we made paper snowflakes, had a gift exchange, sang some songs and finally had the nativity acted out.  It was lots of fun =)

Then on Sunday the other big thing happened, our branch also had an awesome Christmas party, the initial plan was that there would be a potluck, so everyone could come and just bring a dish, which should be enough for everyone and as missionaries we did our part in inviting everyone that we talked to to come to it as well.  It was lots of fun, with a lot of good Taiwanese food, then after that we were able to all go out and do some crazy Christmas caroling.  That was lots of fun, we were able to see a ton of people, and my companion dressed up as Santa Clause so everybody wanted to take a picture with him.  =)

Finally this week we were able to meet with a cool new person who runs a drink stand, we are looking forward to working more with her, but for now I still don't know much about her situation, all I really know is that she used to be part of the Presbyterian Church, but was starting to go a little less active there, so a member invited her to meet with us, and she accepted, so we will be meeting with her in the coming week.

Well I'm totally looking forward to skyping you all this Christmas (Friday for me) Hope that you all have a great week and some happy holidays.  Remember that Christ is the reason for the season and to just have a great time giving to all.

Love you all! 
Elder Heaton

P.S. Have you gotten my Christmas Package yet?  I sent it off 2 weeks ago so it should be arriving soon, keep an eye out for it.  I'm still waiting for my package, but there have been transfers and so they usually don't forward mail from the office during the week of transfers to prevent it from going to the wrong place.

Merry Christmas!!