Thursday, January 22, 2015



Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2015 11:54:24 +0800
Subject: The new year comes with a BANG!!

Hello Everybody!!

This week went really well, we were really enjoying ourselves and were able to have a great time.  On Tuesday we were thinking that we had a good plan set up to meet with one of our investigators that lived a little further away, however as it turns out she canceled which left us with a lot of spare time to use, and so we decided to go out and do a little bit of tracting to see what we could find.  As we were going around there was a man and his mother sitting on their porch just talking and we just started talking with them, the man invited us to sit down with him and we had a great conversation with him about a lot of things, which we eventually got turned to the gospel.  As we were asking him about his experience with Christians and churches he mentioned to us how he had heard of Christ... from Jail!  haha it really threw me off a bit but we kept talking with him and learned that he was still really into Christian churches and said that we could come back.  It was pretty fun.

The next day during our English class I was really curious about what people do for new years here, as, when your a missionary you don't really have a chance to really see what they do, so I asked everybody what their plans were, and I realized its pretty much the exact same thing as America. There's big parties everywhere and sometimes people go to hang out with their families, but a lot of people also don't really care about it, which I felt was a little sad... But it was OK

The last thing that happened this week was we had a member invite us to dinner on Saturday, so we get there, and one of the things that he was serving was a little red, rectangular box thing, which the member kept insisting that we eat. So I took one and it tasted like I was just eating a block of salt.  Not my favorite thing, but the member mentioned to me that it is one of his favorite foods, after asking what it was he told us that it was some sort of fish eggs made into a cake... so that was the interesting thing that I got to eat this week..

Well that's all that I really got for this week.  Hope that everyone is having a great time and is just loving life!!  Have a great New Year!!