Sunday, January 4, 2015



Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2014 12:07:40 +0800
Subject: The crazy Christmas and going until next year!!!

Hello the Family!!

Well this week went by really well, and we were able to accomplish a ton, I really enjoyed being able to see all of you on Skype this last Friday (Thursday for all of you) and just be able to have a ton of fun.  The Christmas season really pumped me up this week and we were able to have a ton of fun so lets get started!!

Well the week started really well, we decided that we wanted to share a ton of Christmas joy, and so what do we do?  We get a picture of my companion dressed in a Santa suit and start writing messages to all of the members as well as some of our investigators, it was a ton of fun and we were just having a blast sending those off.

Next on the awesome week happened right on Christmas day.  We wanted to have a good Christmas day, full of lessons, and so we made tons of plans, we were looking forward to it and we had a good afternoon and night planned, however we didn't really have anything planned for the morning.  We were sitting around in companion study and thinking how best to spend the morning when we have a random person call us, a member from another ward, saying that he has a referral for us, and that we should come right away.  So we hop onto our bikes and get out there for a good lesson in the morning, followed by the member that was going to help us skype call us up to be able to get that all ready.  After that we took the long bike ride out to one of our further away areas to meet with Sister Wang, an awesome investigator who we invited to be baptized, she accepted and is probably going to be baptized in January!! after that we headed home and were able to finish the day off with another lesson with a cool guy who wanted to hear a little bit about the Plan of Salvation.  Christmas was awesome!!

However as expected the best part of the week was being able to see the whole family and to be able to just chat with all of you!!  Your all looking really good!  I loved being able to just talk with all of you and to be able to just hear your voices,. just makes me think of how important families are and why I'm out here in the first place!!

Well to end the week we had a really great time at church.  I was able to get the Christmas package the day after I skyped everyone, and there was one thing that I was really looking forward to going.  In Taiwan they have one really weird thing about them, which is that they don't really eat really sweet things that often, they have sweets but nothing that really compares to American sweets.  So I decided that I wanted to share a little bit of the divinity with a couple of people just to see their reactions.  It was hilarious to just watch them kind of squirm around while eating it, they enjoyed it, but after they finished half a ball of divinity they just said it was too sweet then gave it to another person, who did the same thing!  Thanks family for the awesome treats!!

Well that's pretty much it for my week, the new year is coming along and I'm working on setting some goals for the new year, hope that you are all doing the same!!

Love you a ll!!