Sunday, December 21, 2014



Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2014 13:17:39 +0800
Subject: Blasting through the week

Hello the family!!

This week has gone by pretty good, the whole mission is getting ready for Christmas and we are getting really excited as this month we will probably be having the most baptisms in a month than we have had in quite awhile.  Also we here in Donggang are still looking forward to be able to try to get a baptism this month, however we might not be able to... we will see more on that in just a little bit.

This week started off pretty good, we were really trying to focus on our person that wanted to get baptized this next Sunday, and so we wanted to meet with her twice this week, outside of Church to really try to teach her everything that she needed to know. So we met with her on Tuesday and have a good lesson with her, however later the next day, she sends us a texts telling us that she is beginning to see that she doesn't quite know enough about the gospel yet and wants to delay the baptism to a little later.  Naturally we were a little bit sad about it, but we understood what she wanted, and so we visited her the next day and tried to firm up some of the doctrine for her, it was also a good lesson, however she has not quite set the new date for the baptism quite yet.  but I am hopeful that she will be ready for this by the 27th.

Other than that this week we had a bit of a funny story.  One of our biggest goals that we had this week was that we wanted to be doing a little bit better with our finding of new investigators, and so we were trying to think of good ways to find people, and we decided to do some music contacting.  It was kind of fun, however there weren't many people who really wanted anyone singing to them on the road, so we reevaluated and decided to try again on the beach, as there is a bit of a beach in our area with a lot of fishermen, so we head out there and are walking along talking to everyone that we pass or see, but we reach this stretch of beach with nobody there, however there were a bunch of palm trees... with some good ripe-ish coconuts (they were still green but everyone sells green coconuts here) hanging from the tree.  So my companion grabs a rock and chucks it at the tree and manages to knock one down, and so I follow suit and do the same.  afterwards we find ourselves a rock and break open the coconut for some delicious coconut water. It was a lot of fun, I'll send you pictures of it next week =)

Finally this week we were able to able to find a cool new investigator by the name of Amanda Chen, she is someone that we met through our English class and she was willing to meet with us later in the week about the gospel, it turns out that she is really interested in religion and that she is very wiling to learn more about us, so we will see what comes from that.

Well that's about it for this week, not super exciting but there was still some fun stuff that happened, hope that you all had a great week!

Love you all!!