Monday, November 4, 2013



Date: Mon, 4 Nov 2013 16:26:18 +0800
Subject: Contacting till the earth shakes

Hello family how are you!!!!

So this week has been going well, full of traveling to not too far but far enough that it still takes a little bit to get there, kind of an interesting mix but it happens... But enough about that, onto the news

So this week I had the chance to eat at a... breakfast shop ( that's what their really called) like 5 times this week, and a lot of the time it wasn't even for breakfast.  So breakfast in Taiwan is very similar to breakfast in America... if your not eating cereal, or drinking milk.  its actually an interesting thing about Taiwan is that nobody here drinks cow milk, its all soy milk or bust.   So that makes buying normal milk really expensive ( I think a 1.5 liter bottle is about 3.50 compared to soymilk which would be about 1.50) But the things they eat for breakfast in a breakfast shop is normally a crepe like thing with egg and bacon in it or something like that or a Dan bao which is like a hamburger with ham instead of a patty... interesting.

 Well as far as the whole subject goes there's a cool story to go with that, so we were on our way to meet with Brother Chen (the one I was talking about in the last e-mail I think) and we contacted this guy who was waiting outside a hospital for his wife and kid or something like that.  We got to talking with him and introduced the church and he had heard of Mormons before but he was wondering why we were called that.  So we brought out a Book of Mormon and was going to have him read the introduction to it and from that we were going to talk about it with him.  But right before he read the first character... an earthquake hit!!  I was totally excited because I have never felt one before, it was a really small one, just a little shaking but it totally happened, however after that, he had closed the book, the contact was kinda ruined and we just left with his number... so that was kinda interesting.

Well beyond that things are going well, I am enjoying my time here and the work is moving along, The people we are working with are all really cool and we are working on trying to find at least 2 new people that set up a time to meet with us in the next day or two, really fun.

Well I hope everybody is doing well back at home.  Its still hot as ever here in Taiwan and I'm happily sporting my short-sleeve shirts still, life is going good and Taiwanese people are all really cool.  Hope that you are all enjoying to cool weather and just finding enjoyment in school, work, play and other what ever that may be.  I know that the work I'm doing here is good, and that this church really has blessed my life in ways that I probably don't even realize yet, but also in many ways that become more apparent every day.  Hope you are all doing well =)

Until next week
Elder Heaton