Tuesday, November 19, 2013



Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2013 11:36:07 +0800
Subject: Chilling out in Huwei

Hello the Family and others!

Hello everybody, how are you all doing, things are going good down here in Huwei, the weather is starting to get relatively colder here in Huwei actually making me want to wear a jacket, which is an interesting change of pace.  But beyond that there's not really much change in things here.

So this after this week the chapel that we have been going to which is in Huwei will close, it was in a large office building and the rent was too expensive and so starting this next Sunday we will have to go to Douliu for church which will be an interesting change of pace and a bit of a challenge for us I think trying to get investigators to a church building that's about a 45 minute bike ride from where I live.  But that's thats just me thinking out loud.

Our investigator pool, however, is actually seeming to grow a lot more, we have spent a lot more time working on contacting more people, trying to make sure we meet 2 people that are willing to wit with us every day and its starting to pay off and I think that right now is the most investigators that I have had so far while on my mission.  Little blessings just come everywhere.  But as far as people working to get baptized there's only 1-2 that have a baptismal goal. One is named Sister Zhang, shes really cool and has two little girls that are tons of fun, so its always fun just to sit with her.  Right now she just has a small word of wisdom problem but I think that she can overcome it as her testimony grows and she really sees why she needs to follow it.

Beyond that I just want to mention the weather again, just because I think its so weird.  So as you might have guessed they use Celsius here and during my whole stay here in Taiwan it has been at a hot but sometimes comfortable 30 degrees.  But this week the temperature actually dropped down to a chilling 20!  which is about 68 degrees, but I think that is so funny thinking about it because if I was at home 68 degrees would be nice and warm, and I wouldn't think of wearing a jacket, but because I have been here for awhile and gotten used to the warm weather, 68 is actually really cold...  But that's something to think about.

Well that's just about it for this week.  I hope that everyone is doing well and that you are all able to enjoy the rest of this month, its almost thanksgiving! which they don't really celebrate here but, there's a family here from the US and they are throwing a thanksgiving party so know that I will be well fed =)

I love you all and hope for the best, Taiwan is awesome and the people are nice.  Can't imagine serving anywhere else in the world, talking to people about church.

Until next week
Elder Heaton