Monday, November 11, 2013



Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2013 13:14:34 +0800
Subject: Meetings and interviews

Hello the family and the people

This week has been a little different of a week, as we have had the chance to do a few extra meetings which means a little less proselyting but a little more time with other missionaries.  Its nice to have a change sometimes.

So this week was interviews with the mission president, which meant that most of our Tuesday was taken up trying to fit in the interview schedule, and that took up most of the day but it was nice and we got to go to Chiayi city for it which is a cool place.  Then because we had interviews on Tuesday we has our ZTM on Wednesday which took up a lot of that time, but also on Wednesday's we have a free English class so with ZTM and English there was just nothing going on for the first half of the week. =/

But as far as food goes I think that the most interesting thing that I have eaten this week is probably just Sushi.  Not really exciting but I dont think I ever really ate sushi while I was in America.  But its not really the most amazing stuff, kinda boring really.

Also today I had the chance to go to Costco, which is apparently a really big thing here for the missionaries because you can buy a lot of things in bulk and they have a lot of american food, so that was kinda fun, but its pretty much exactly the same thing as Sams Club so that just reminded me of all the fun times that I had going shopping with my mom on Saturdays (at least the times that I went with her =) )

Well thats just about all the news for this week, there really wasn't much that happened this week, My Chinese is slowly picking up and I can slowly understand more and more of what people are saying.  Here for language learning they have a language study plan that they just call Phase 1, 2, and 3.  Phase 1 is just preach my gospel chapter 3 and key words and phrases that are useful in teaching the missionary lessons.  After you finish that your free to do what ever language study you like but they also offer the phase 2 and 3.  Phase 2 is just a ton of flash cards with random vocabulary words on them with an example sentence which is nice.  And finally Phase 3 is a bunch of flash cards with every single character that they use in the Book of Mormon... which is a lot, and so I got the phase 3 because they were out of phase 2 when I had the chance to get them, so my language is slowly picking up.

Well thats just about it, Taiwan is going good, its still really hot here with little to no signs of cooling off yet, the food is still good, the people are nice and we are meeting with some nice people.

Until Next week
Elder Heaton