Monday, November 25, 2013



Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2013 14:47:44 +0800
Subject: The Hunt for space, and a a new location

Hello the Family and everyone else!

This week has been a good one full of actually a lot of lessons and being able to meet a bunch of cool people, so without further adieu lets just jump right in.

So this week food wise there wasn't much interesting here but I think one intersting thing I ate, at least interesting for being here in Taiwan is Pizza!! So pizza here is really expensive, and by expensive I mean about the same price that it is in America if your not getting the cheep $5 pizza, so we normally don't have enough money to buy pizza and Taiwanese people just don't normally eat pizza so yeah.  But one of the members here got a coupon to get a pizza for $150 NT which is 5 dollars about, and he wanted to share it with us, so we went out and got a pizza and it was awesome, he actually ended up buying 2 pizzas one was a Hawaiian and the other was I think squid or octopus flavor.  Both were really good and the member asked us which was better, I told him that the Hawaiian tasted like American food and the squid one tasted like Taiwanese food, and he went off on a little tangent saying that it was Japanese flavor, fun stuff.

So beyond that the biggest event that happened is that the chapel here in Huwei which was about a 30 second walk from our missionary apartment has finally closed down, people had been talking about this chapel closing from the moment that I got here in Huwei and I didn't think much of it but now that it's closed its weird to think that it is gone, now the closest chapel to us in about a 50 minute bike ride from our house.  So we are working to try and find a new location to hold lessons and things like that here in Huwei.

This week we also had a bunch of parties to say farewell to the chapel, the first one happened this Wednesday with our last English class for now here in Huwei where we had a pot luck and played a few games, it went really well and it was fun, and afterwards we had a lot of food in our fridge to sustain us for the rest of the week or so so that was nice =) Later that week the only american family that lives in the ward here decided to have a little Thanksgiving party because they don't celebrate that here.  So they went out and found a Turkey and some yams and pie, just a bunch of traditional thanksgiving food that they don't really eat here and had a fun thanksgiving party.  It was really fun and they invited some foreign exchange students to come and enjoy the food as well, so that was pretty fun.

Finally the weirdest experience that I had this week happened in church yesterday.  So we were in church during the 3rd hour, doing to priesthood part which they were holding in the chapel,and some guy comes and knocks on the chapel doors, asking to be let in.  the odd thing is that I dont think that the doors were locked or anything like that.  Anyway he comes and sits down, and while the speaker is talking I think he said something like "We can feel the spirit as we read the scriptures" and this guy just yells as loud as he could "WRONG!!" pretty much for no reason whatsoever... so they continue and he just keeps yelling WRONG a couple more times and some people tell him to be quiet or leave, really nicely and the guy kinda flips out and just starts yelling.  Eventually he left but it was kinda strange...  So yeah I met a crazy guy this week.

Well that's just about it for this week, things are going well here and we are meeting a lot of new people who seem really interested in the church and are really willing to meet with us so hopefully we see some things from that

Well until next week
Elder Heaton