Wednesday, December 4, 2013



Date: Mon, 2 Dec 2013 11:24:12 +0800
Subject: Young Men's and Mr. Soup

Hello Family and friends!

Things are going good here in the land of Huwei and as the temperature cools down we have been starting to wear jackets and buy warmer foods for snacks.  All in all everything is going good and we are enjoying our time here, meeting with some cool people and just having a good time.

So as far as food things go I think the thing that I want to mention is a little thing called buo ba (bwoah bah) which are little black balls, about the size of a marble, really soft and you add them to your drinks for something extra to suck up in or straw... or just because they taste good, either way.  they have a smaller version called zhen zhu which means pearl, but its usually about 5-10 NT which is about 1 quarter, to add to a drink and its really good.  Also another interesting thing that I want to note is just that here, when its cold out everything you drink is going to be warm... thats just the way it is, and so as you go visit people's houses they will give you warm/hot water and normally when you buy stuff from a tea stand people will ask if you want it warm. Kind of a different thing, but it makes sense when you think about it... so yeah I've been drinking a lot of warm things lately.

So beyond that as far as the work goes, we have noticed lately that our young men's and young women's program here in huwei... doesn't really exist, yesterday in sacrament we had a grand total of zero people in either class, it was a little interesting so see seeing as how my young men's class had like 20 people in it and there just always seemed to have people.  So this week, because we sometimes have some young investigators that we would want to go to that class, we have talked with the leaders here to see if there were any people we could work with and try to get them back to church.  So this week we will probably talk with some of them and see if we can get them up and running.

I think the final thing I want to talk about is that we had mission tour this week, and for it we had Elder Randy Funk come (He spoke in this last Conference) and we talked a lot about making sure people are converted and just making sure that we were teaching all the doctrine in a simple, direct way that the spirit could testify to.  It was good and I was able to see a lot of people from my MTC district there.

Well that was pretty much my week, things are going well and this week is move call and so next week I might be going somewhere else, or I might stay longer in Huwei, only time will tell, but I know that wherever I go it will be according to where the lord needs me and where I can be of the most service.  Know I'm doing well and that the people are treating me nice =)

Until Next week
Elder Heaton