Monday, December 9, 2013



Date: Mon, 9 Dec 2013 15:44:02 +0800
Subject: Move call and the goodbye's

Hello Family and friends!

This week has been a good one full of people to meet, places to see and big changes. so lets just dive right in =)

First because this week was the last one before move call the English class that we teach had a party to celebrate the occasion and to allow a lot of the English student's as well as some ward members to just come and say goodbye.  So we went down to Douliu, had a good time, talked with a lot of people and kind of said some good byes because we didn't know who was going where.  After that I had the chance to go on transfers with the Zone Leaders here which was really awesome, its always good to be with new missionaries and see how they do the missionary work, how they teach and how I can improve the way I teach and find through them.  During the exchange I had the chance to meet with one of our coolest investigators named Sister Zhang.  I have mentioned her before but we came and tried to help her translate the name of some random agriculture machinery because her husband sells that kind of stuff.  It was kinda fun and we had a really good spiritual share right after that talking about scriptures and the importance of them.

Later that week I also had the chance to go on exchanges with the District leader here which is in Douliu, so I was with a Taiwanese person named Elder Yeh for a day and while we were talking he told me about his conversion story, which was really cool but after he told me about it I noticed something interesting while we were out proselyting, which is this, everybody, no matter who they are or where they come from has a part of the gospel that they really love, be it the plan of salvation, the missionaries, the Book of Mormon or anything else, they all have one, and while Elder Yeh was telling me about his conversion story he said that the first thing that the missionaries said to him was "Hey are you happy today?"  and that is what really struck home with him, so while we were out preaching the gospel that is how he would start every conversation or every contact.  and so I realized that the way people do missionary work is a real reflection on what they like about the gospel, what they think of it and what part they like about it. Kind of interesting

Well Finally the biggest piece of news this week is that after 3 move calls hanging out in Huwei the time has come that I get a new companion!..  His name is Elder Stratford, he comes from Salt Lake City, the only thing that I really knew about him before I met him was that he is able to read and write in Elvish (from Lord of the Rings) and after meeting him I have learned that he's a really chill guy.  So I'm really excited to start working with him and seeing how the work goes with a new companion!

Well thats about it for this week.  Hope that you all have a good one and are able to keep smiling and stay happy!!
Until next week
Elder Heaton
Still hanging in Huwei