Monday, October 28, 2013



Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2013 11:36:00 +0800
Subject: Leading the area and move call madness

Hello family and friends!

This week has been a good one, full of fun things, meeting new people and preparing for transfers and seeing who might be going where.

So there's not much talk about on the food front.  I went to a night market for dinner once this week and got a steak, the cool thing about the night market stake though it that it comes with noodles, an egg and a lot of some mystery sauce that I don't really know what it is but it tastes good, the cool thing though it that when they bring you your plate, the sauce and all the food is still boiling hot and so when they hand it to you its still bubbling, steaming and just has a great presentation. yum

Well beyond that, this week I went on exchanges with the Douliu elders this week and had the chance to lead the area in Huwei, which actually kinda stressed me out for the first little bit because I for the most part am still totally lost when i'm wandering the streets here, but it turned out ok, I was able to find the people I needed to find, and we had a lot of fun going around talking to people.

Later in the week the sisters in our district had a baptism, her name was Sister Wang, she had investigated the church for a LONG time and had wanted to be baptized for a while but her parents opposed it and so she couldn't, but this Saturday was her birthday and she told her parents that all she wanted for her birthday was to get baptized... an amazing story and in the end they allowed her to do that.  It was a great story to hear.  And we got one of our investigators to go to the baptism so we were able to attend it, lots of fun.

Now for a little bit of a funny story.  So we are meeting with this less active member, his name is Brother Chen, hes a really cool guy, really smart but has a few mental problems, anyway we had decided to reteach him the missionary lessons because he had forgotten a lot of the basics, so in this lesson we taught him the plan of salvation.  While we were teaching it we would ask him some question or maybe make a comment like "So this is the plan of salvation..." and whenever he wanted to say something or make a comment he would start with "Bu shi" or like that's incorrect, or thats not right.  It happened so much that by the end of the lesson it was hard not to laugh when he said it.  we would say something like "So that's what the atonement can do for us." then he would say "No the atonement is..."  it was actually really fun, I love that guy.

And finally the part that you have all been waiting for, This was the last week of tansfers so we got movecall this last Saturday night, it was really suspenseful because after training you are almost guaranteed to be split up from your trainer, so we were waiting to get the call, and all of last week Elder Raley was practically convinced that he was moving so he told everybody that this was his last week here and that they should come to church to hear his farewell talk.  So we got the call and learned that neither of us are leaving Huwei right now!  We both get to stay here for at least one more move call!  So that's the exciting news for the month, I haven't moved yet.

Well that's all the news that I have this week, I hope that you all have a great week, learn something from the scriptures and are able to liken the scriptures to yourselves, this church really has brought a lot of happiness to my life and I hope that I can share that with a lot of people here in Taiwan

This is Elder Heaton, until next week, Later!