Monday, October 21, 2013



Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2013 12:27:21 +0800
Subject: Halloween Party and Gaoxiong

Hello everybody!!

This week has been one that really flew by and I'm actually surprised that its Monday once again.  But I'll try to remember things that we did this week and anything cool that happened.

As far as the whole food thing goes there are two stories that go to the same food so i'll have to tell you about that.  The first story goes like this, our ward (its actually a branch but ward sounds better) this last Saturday set up a Halloween party that we were able to attend and enjoy, we spent most of the day just trying to invite a ton of investigators to it and just to have some fun with it but in the end almost nobody we invited came, but that was alright because it was more of a little kids party than anything.  But while we were there they had a table spread out with some random foods that I got to try and one of them was this thing, its like a crunchy Churro, just like covered with brown sugar and was ok.  But the other story was we went tracting for awhile and the last house we visited had a couple kids just hanging around outside it and as it turns out one of them lived there.  But the people that answered had no interest, but were really nice and so they gave us this bag of these churro things and told us that they were really cheap and were just like a little kids snack so that was kinda cool.

So more info on the Halloween party, there wasn't much to it, but one of the families that are in this branch are American and because Taiwan doesn't celebrate Halloween, she wanted her kids to have a halloween so she, with the help from the branch, set this up and the people really like it, but all that it really was was a bunch of little games that you could go to like put the head on the skeleton, fishing and stuff like that, but I think that the highlight of the night was probably our bishop dressed up as Mickey Mouse for it, really cool and some of the kids were totally freaking out about it, awesome.

Next is that this week we had the chance to go to Gaoxiong (Kaohsiung) for a "specialized training" which just talked about stress management and things like that, but the problem is Gaoxiong is about a 2 hour train ride from where we get on the train station, and the train station is a 20 minute bike ride from our house, then the Gaoxiong chapel is a 15 minute walk from the train station, and the training meeting turned out to be about 4 hours long. so in the end... it actually took the whole day for that conference, which was kinda sad, but the I guess thats really just the interesting story for the day.

Well before I go I just want to tell you that next Monday is move day and so I will probably have a new companion, maybe a new area, so if anything weird happens just know its probably because of that.

Well the work is going well and things are starting to pick up here.  The members are getting really into the missionary work and we have been getting a lot of referrals lately, which is really cool, its kinda weird the difference in the church culture here because just about everyone here is a convert and so everyone is very familiar with what exactly it is that the missionaries teach and do where as back home I feel like before you actually go and do it, you really dont have a clear understanding as to what they do. But that's just something to think about.

Well until next week
Keep smiling
Elder Heaton