Saturday, August 30, 2014



Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2014 13:07:54 +0800
Subject: The week of work

Hello the family!!

This week has gone by pretty well, working hard and finding new people, and seeing blessings because of it.

This last week was the first week of the Move call and so there were a bunch of new faces to be seen in the district, however of the 4 companions in the district me and my companion were the only ones that stayed the same where the other 3 got a new companion.  It has been interesting getting to know all of the new missionaries that have arrived as well as just being able to do the work here.

This week started off pretty good, on Tuesday we didn't really have very many lessons and so we decided to head up to one of the more northern parts of our mission and try a little bit of tracting to see what we could find. After that we met 3-4 different cool families that said we could probably come back and share a message with them, so that was cool.  Later that week we were able to visit with one of them and talk a little bit about how the gospel has blessed our families. It was a good lesson though they personally didn't have much interest at that time.

Later in the week though we had a lot of lessons planned to meet with a lot of new people, and were able to meet with a couple of really cool guys, one was a man that goes by Keanu a nice guy that likes to workout as well as go swimming.  However he told us while we were meeting with him that he wanted to meet with us because he had seen some of his other "Christian Friends" change and just have a better attitude about life and so he wanted to see if church is what made that change.  He was a super prepared guy and Hopefully we can get him prepared to be baptized in the coming weeks.  

The other guy that we met is a cool guy called Mr. Dai who runs a pet store of sorts, it was a very interesting first visit, as we went to his house and discovered that he already had 2 of our "no success can compensate for failure in the home" stickers hanging around the house and we were really curious as to where he got those.  He had told us that he met missionaries before but we didn't think much of it at that time.  We started teaching him the first lesson, however it was hard to keep focused as his house was full of just random animals (he had 4 different birds, a big dog, a couple of spiders and some other animals) so our lesson got cut a little short but he was really willing to listen and just talk about his life and his thoughts.

Now for the coolest thing that happened this week, it happened on Saturday night, there was a small concert that was sponsored by the church where they had a member of the church from Hawaii come over and play the piano for all of us to hear.  It was a super cool event especially considering who the person was. you can check out who by just clicking on this short Mormon message right here.

Anyway thats about it for what happened to me this week.  Hopefully you are all having a great week and I will talk to you guys next week!!!

Love you all!