Friday, August 22, 2014



Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2014 14:44:30 +0800
Subject: Move call has arrived. Another misionary down.

Hello the family!!

this week has gone by pretty well. As we were in a 3-some with an Elder from another area, we learned that his area was pretty much our area for the week and so we wanted to spend the week trying to visit some of the furthest places in our area, it went quite well and to finish the week we not only had a baptism of a happy go lucky little girl but we also had stake conference.  Lots of fun to be had and more to be made =)

First of all as we started the week, we learned that Taiphoon season has really started, as I think two different ones simultaneously hit Taiwan and there was TONS of rain for the whole first half of the week, in fact on Tuesday we normally do our "English class proselyting" where we take one hour and just tell people about or English class and invite them to come to that, however this week as we were our handing out the fliers and talking to people, the rain was coming down so hard that all of our fliers were just kind of coming apart and the ink started to bleed off of the fliers till they were nothing but long white rectangles.  It was kind of funny but also kind of annoying all at the same time.

Next on Wednesday we didn't really have anything set up and so we decided to go to the furthest area in our newly acquired area, an area that goes so far down south that is actually is considered Kaohsiung rather than Tainan, but we decided to do it. However as wee were going there disaster struck, we were biking down a patch of road next to the ocean, really nice view, and we hear this really loud POP, next thing I know I'm riding on a flat tire, and we are scrambling to find a bike store who can replace it for us cheaply.  It was kind of a downer but we got it fixed fast enough to continue with most of our plans, just not the trip to Kaohsiung.

Next big thing that happened was last Friday we had the awesome baptism.  We had it on friday because Saturday and Sunday would both be part of the whole stake conference, and nobody (especially the bishop) would have been able to come, so we got it all done on Friday and things turned out pretty well.

And finally to end the week we had a really cool stake conference where there were a lot of cool speakers, including a missionary who had just returned from the Temple Square mission, our mission president President Blickenstaff, and a person from Hong Kong who spoke some Cantonese for us to hear, it was a really cool thing to listen to and I loved a small example that he gave us a cool example by showing us two Chinese characters, one was the other was the first one is pronounced "Mang" with the bottom half of the character being another character that means "Eye" and the top being a character meaning "dead" so put it together and the character means "Blind" now if you look at the other character the right half of the character is the same as the top of the first character which means "dead" and the left half of the character is another character that means "heart" it is also pronounced "Mang" and it means busy, so he explained that if we are too busy for spiritual things then it is as if our hearts are dead.  and so to always try to have some free time and be available to receive revelation.

That is pretty much it for me though, Hope that you all have a great next week!
Love you all!
Elder Heaton