Tuesday, August 12, 2014



Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2014 11:48:51 +0800
Subject: the week of finding!

Hello the family!

This week has gone really well, we had an invite from our Mission President this week for every single companionship in the mission to find at least 3 new investigators, accompanying this invite was another one to study PMG chapter 9 each week which focuses on finding and to make sure that you have contacting/tracting time every day.  It was a pretty good week we saw a ton of miracles this week because of it.

The week started off with us going to our ZTM and having a great training on talking with everybody as well as focusing on the blessings of finding people to teach.  It was an interesting start to the week and we got all of our invites from there.  After that it was onto the streets to find some cool people.  However by the end of Tuesday we didn't really have any new investigators to speak of.  The next day however we started the day with some tracting to see who we could find. We went to a random neighborhood and just started knocking around and found a small family with two kids about middle school age.  We taught them a lesson, set up another time to meet with them and it was good.

However our week was in for a bit of a change that night.  Was we were getting home we received a call from the assistants.  They were telling us that one of the nearby companionship's who had a short-term missionary working with him, would have to be split up because the missionary was going home that night. So we went and brought him up to our apartment and became a 3-some until the end of this transfer.  Kind of a twist on things but it makes our numbers jump a bit so its super cool. 

Finally to end our week one of our investigators, a 9 year old little girl, got her baptismal interview this last Saturday and so this coming Friday we will be having a baptismal service for her.  It was super fun being able to teach her, although a little different, because you have to really be able to teach clearly so that they understand the points that you are talking about.  I loved being able to meet with her and will send you some pictures next week =)

Well thats about it for this week, I hope that everyone at home is doing well and that things are just going great!

Have a great week!