Wednesday, September 3, 2014



Date: Mon, 1 Sep 2014 12:03:47 +0800
Subject: The busy week

Hello the family!

This week we were nice and busy, working hard to hit some of the goals that we had personally set for the week and just trying to work hard.  It was a lot of fun and we saw a ton of success because of it.

The week started with a really good P-day where afterwards we were able to get 2 really good lessons as well as being able to find a new investigator.  However the day before that (Sunday) my companions tire had popped, and as neither of us (or most of the missionaries in the mission) had a patch kit, we had to wait for what we thought would be Monday to fix the patch, but in the end we didn't have any time to get it fixed on that day.

Now in Taiwan there are 2 really big bike brands that most people buy their stuff from, the bigger one is easily Giant, which you will see all over Taiwan, its really easy to find and a lot of random bike shops are supported by giant.  Then there is the other one which is Merida.  There are a lot less of those stores around but they still make good quality stuff.  So these two companies are in a huge competition and so sometimes if you go to say a Giant store with a Merida bike the staff will sometimes be a little less helpful with you because you bought the competitions bike.  Kind of weird but thats just kind of how business works I guess.  Anyway almost all of the missionary bikes are the Giant brand bikes, but my companions is the Merida and he personally has found that a lot of Giant stores are just like that, so we spend some time biking a bit out of the way to find a Merida store to be able to fix his bike, but the cool thing is that when we got there, we discovered that the owner is super cool as well as the people that go there and we were able to share a short message with all of the people in the bike store.  Lots of fun =)

Finally as for the last story, down here in Tainan the missionaries have planned out that they would play basketball every Saturday, just to have something to do as well as to have an activity to invite investigators to come to.  However my companion he loves to play soccer, and lately we have been able to find a group of people that would meet at the exact same time as the elders normally play Basketball, and they all get together and play soccer, so this week we decided to have a bit of a contacting activity by going out with them to play some soccer, we had tried to do this quite a few times before however each time that we really have time to be able to join them, the people that we were able to meet that go to the soccer activity decided that they weren't going to go that week, so we haven't been able to do that for awhile.  But this week my companion decided that regardless of weather or not our contacts are going there we were going to go there and just play with whoever is playing soccer there.  Saddly as we arrived there was no one on the field, but we were able to find some guys nearby that were playing volleyball and were able to play a bit with them as well as invite them to come to church.

Well that's about it for this week, it's been mostly missionary work without a ton of other things, but it has been a good week and I'm doing well.  Hope that you all are having a great week!!

Love you all!
Elder Heaton