Wednesday, February 12, 2014



Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2014 12:34:16 +0800
Subject: The waters of baptism.

Hello the family and Friends!!

This week has been going good, spending time to explore some of the further points of our area, as well as setting up things for next week. so far it has been a good week. so lets dive right in.

This week we were able to have a baptism with a really cool guy named Anderson Chen or as he is now known 陳弟兄who is just really cool.  He moved down here to 高雄 for work and to make money but his wife and two kids live back up in 台中 which is a little sad.  He also works really crazy hours, doing 14 hour shifts through the night, with a day off every 3 days.  Its really crazy and also really hard to set up with him and confirm him for church.  But this guy was so cool that after he worked a crazy 14 hour shift, through the night, he was still willing to come to church for the full 3 hours and stay awake for them as well... thats better than I can say for myself... cough cough

Well outside of that big news, the work here is going pretty much the same, we have been going around, trying to work with less actives, find some Melchizedek priesthood holders and bring them back to church... thinking of which I don't think I have told you all, but here in Taiwan they have some pretty cool things, one of them being right across the street from the chapel that I am currently meeting at, which is a big, empty lot, that happens to be owned by the church.  Right now there is nothing there but a fence around it and some signs that say that it is owned by the church, however at our last Zone Conference, they were emphasizing working with, and rescuing less active Melchizedek priesthood holders to try and establish more stakes here in Taiwan because if we manage to the number of stakes here in Taiwan up to about 5 more, then that would be enough to apply for another Temple here in Taiwan, to be established on that big empty lot that is right across the street from the stake center.  Cool right?

Well that got a little off topic, but I guess last of all I will share a little bit of a funny story. So me and my companion were going out to one of the further points in our area to meet with a less active there that we had set up with, and on our way there was this dog that kind of jumped out at me and just kind of lazily started barking at me.  So I stopped and said hi to the dog, and eventually the owner came out and we started talking.  So eventually she told us that she was just about to give the dog and 4 others (she owned 5 dogs) a bath, and jokingly said "do you want to help?" and we just jumped on it, and before she had time to tell us no, we took off our ties, our shoes and socks and were ready to give those dogs a bath.  They thought it was so funny and we had a fun time, it was really fun. So you can know that I'm doing good our here, one dog at a time.

Well that's just about it for this week, I hope everyone had a good week and that this one will be even better. 我知道這個教會是真實的,也有幫助我很多!我希望你們都也會知道。這是我的見證奉耶穌基督的命阿門!

Elder Heaton