Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Date: Mon, 6 Jan 2014 11:58:35 +0800
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Hello the family and friends!

This week has been a really good one.  We have had the chance to visit more of our secondary areas and to learn more about our ward, our investigators, the less actives and just have fun.

So this week I think an interesting thing that I have eaten I actually ate this morning, which was just Red Bean Soup.  Now I think I mentioned this already but in the Asia countries people think of beans as a really sweet food, and people will commonly put beans on ice cream, on shaved ice, and just on other things that are normally thought of as being sweet.  Also another big thing is that the moment things start getting cold outside, everywhere starts taking the things that were normally put in the fridge, like a can of chocolate milk, or maybe winter melon tea, and instead they will put it in a little heater box, so you can buy warm versions of the drinks that you like whenever you want.  Now one think that I like it eat here is actually their shaved ice, because they don't do it like a snow cone, but rather they will add some random, usually chewy stuff, maybe some pudding like stuff, maybe beans, put shaved ice on top of it and serve it to you, its delicious, but now that its pretty much winter, they have changed the thing that they serve here to a soup, which they will add all the same stuff, but its more like a hot, sweet, soup rather than a bowl of shaved ice.  Also really good, but we decided that we wanted to make it rather than just buy it from the store, so we went out and bought a bag full of red beans, and after we got home it turns out that it takes about 3 hours to make them... so we made them this morning, and their really good, but you have to add a TON of sugar and maybe a little bit of honey to make it sweet, otherwise its just beans.  =)

Last week our mission presidents counselor, a president Chen visited with the Douliu and Huwei area's and the first thing that he told us was that we should spend more time visiting our secondary areas and work with more people out there, so we did, and I think this week alone we have easily clocked over 100 miles on our little bikes =O really crazy, but it was fun, we were able to meet with a couple of really cool people including a Brother Dai who has been less active for awhile, his wife is a non member, but she and their son likes America and also speak good English so they sat in on the lesson, it was actually really cool.

Well that's just about all that has happened this week, it has really been a rather slow week, but things are picking up and hopefully we will be able to have a lot to report next week.  But until then know that I know what I'm doing is good, its helping those people who are willing to listen and it has really been a great experience in general to come here and see what these people are like.

Love you all, and see you next week!
Keep Smiling!
Elder Heaton