Tuesday, February 4, 2014



Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2014 12:12:54 +0800
Subject: Time Flies on the Wings of Lightening

HELLO Family and friends!!

This week has been a fun on full of lots of adventures as well as meeting lots of fun people.  But before all of that I think I just need to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!!!! another year of things learned, another year of having fun and another year to just be cool =) Hope that you have a happy one!

So this week here has been good, although I had a real shocker occur to me this week, so when I first got here to Huwei I was contacting with Elder Raley and we were noticing a lot of people on the streets, and we asked some people about it and they said that the semester has just started or was going to start so all the students were moving back to start school, and now everyone is preparing for their finals and winter vacation, which lasts for a month here, and they wont be back till march, and then I realized that I have been here in Huwei for an entire school semester, I have been here proselyting from the time that most of these students came here until the time that they are leaving to go back to their home town... kinda weird.  However I feel as if my time here in Huwei is just about up as the next move call is next week and I might be in a new area at that time... weird.

So theres a little bit of a funny story on the food this week.  As we were with one of the members here, a really cool guy who goes by the name of Tobias, he was telling us about a huge activity that would have over 200 people attending, and that he as well as "The Missionaries" would all have a part in it, and he was asking us if we knew anything about it, well we had no idea and started to make some calls about it, and as it turns out they were having a planning meeting this Sunday about what they were doing and what they wanted us to do.  So we went to that and had some fun talking about things to do with all the people that would be there, and afterwards they fed us dinner.  So they bring up some food and lay it out, then ask some people to go down to the kitchen and help out with the last bit of it, so some people go down and the ones who stayed up ate, and the food was REALLY REALLY SPICY!!  It was rice, tofu and blood rice, with some really spicy sauce and it tasted pretty good but it was just so hot, but there were a bunch of hungry people and even though most people complained about it, they ate it all.  and afterwards the people who came up were all talking about how they wanted to eat the spicy food and they were bringing up the mild stuff.  but there was no spicy food left... Kinda funny

Outside of that though most of our efforts have really been trying to work with the less actives here in the ward, theres a lot of really cool people who have a lot of potential to come back and I would love to see them coming to church, but it is a slow process as most of them work on Sundays or just don't think of coming to church when Sunday rolls around.  Kind of sad, but we are trying our best and hopefully they will be willing to do the rest.

Well that's about it, things are going well, Huwei is still awesome and the people are still fun, if I move next week I'll let you all know!

Love you!
Elder Heaton