Monday, July 22, 2013


Ok well to everyone
So I hope that you all can forgive me but I have just been e-mailing a ton of people and I really have just started to run out of time.  So as far as this week goes there is not much of great signifigance that happened.  but I will try to go down the list.
So first of all once again I like to start with the thankyou's to all who sent me packages because those people are just awesome and deserve a spot on the e-mail listings.  Mommy thanks for sending the cookies they are delishous and Shari I'm glad that you know the frito bandito and thanks for the bag of fritos =D
Well as many of everyone out there knows, the family dog Buddy was misplaced during the week and that was really on my mind during the time.  But I know that through the effort of the family and through all the prayers that were said that our awesome and best dog ever buddy was able to find his way home =)
So this week everybody here has been thinking about going to taiwan, the only district that is older than us will be leaving this week and we will be getting out travel plans so I'm getting really stoked about going.
So one cool thing is that, and I dont know what it means is that the devotional tomorrow will be recorded, what that means for us is... I dont know but maybe you wiill be able to see it and stuff but if not know that we will sing awesomely and that will be fun. We will be singing nearer my god to thee. 
past that Today we had a service assignment in the temple this morning that lasted us 3.5 hours, which I think consisted of cleaning, I say I think because when we got there they picked two people, me and another person and had them be security so we were the ones who would sit at the temple doors and scan the temple recomends which was kinda cool but mostly really really boring.   I almost fell asleep but then I just got up and walked around a little, and just admired the pictures in the temple which was nice.
So last night we watched the testiments in chinese and I wasn't really able to understand a whole lot, I think by the end of it I maybe caught about 30-40% of what they said, but I might be a little high in my guess.  it was really cool to watch and I was glad for the opportunity.
Well I'm out of time but just to let you know I learned to type my name in chinese, although it was in the mainland style typing so I dont quite know how to type it in taiwan but i'll learn
Elder Heaton
He Zhang Lao