Monday, July 22, 2013


Hello everybody!!!!
Well lets just kind of start and see where I go.  First of all there was an awesome devotional that happened on Tuesday so it has been awhile but I hope that I remember some of it,  the speaker was Janice Kapp Perry who was a song writer for the church and one of the coolest things that happened during the devotional was that she just had us all singing songs and it was really fun... But I didn't know this at the time but I realized that she had written one of my favorite church songs, which saddly I dont know the title to, or maybe I do and dont know that I do, but its a 2 sided song where the guys sing "Mine is a home where every hour..." and the girls sing "I see my mother kneeling.." and the reason that I love that song is that my family sang it when we attented our previous ward right before we moved and we sang it in sacrament meeting, so that was really cool.  Also Sister Perry had the funnyest husband.  During the Devotional while she was sharing the first line that he ever delivered to her which was while she was warming up for a Flute or some other blowing instrument that he wakled up to her and said "Those lips look like they were made for something other than playing the flute." at that moment he just walked up there and kissed her, and the whole MTC just started cheering, it was hilarious.
Anyway So saddly today the Temple is closed so we serent able to go do a session or anything like that for P-day but it has been a very relaxing day where I have just been able to just kind of do what I want so its kind of ups and downs, although I think next week during P-day I will probably have to go clean the temple or something so =/
So as some people know, while your in the MTC every satuday they have what they call TRC where they get some volinteers to come in and you just get to share a message with them and just talk your language.  But this last saturday while we were doing it, you normally meet with two people but they said that there weren't very many mandarin volinters this time so we would only have the chance to meet with one person, and the person we met with was a Brother White and he was cool, served his mission in Taipei and had a great time... but afterwards I was talking with the other elders and one companionship was talking about how the person they talked to was an actual investigator! so that was interesting but after we went back to the classroom our teacher comes in and tells us that we have time to meet with another person, and that he wants us (me and my companion) to talk with the investigator!!! I was really intimidated but we went in and just started talking about it and it was really cool.  Due to the fact that I can't speak chinese I wasn't able to really get to know him but we gave him a short lesson about the BOM and went on our way, but it was a really cool experience and I hope that I didn't mess him up too much with my bad chinese.
So this week will be the fourth of July and, as sad as I am to not be able to be with my family, they seem to be trying to do a lot of things to make the missionaries feel a little bit better about it, I think that they will have an extra devotional on the fourth, (I really love the devotionals here, they are awesome and you get 2 a week) then they will let us just watch the statium of fire fireworks which will be cool.  So there's that. But one thing is that during the tuesday devotional, the chior instructor picked out Faith of our fathers for us to sing for this and I'm really excited to be singing it as it sounds really great! Man I realize that I have started to get really excited over really little things, but its kinda cool, hope i'm not too weird when I get back from taiwan...
It has been really hot lately, has anyone else noticed that??  During our temple walk yesterday, before we even got to the temple grounds past the gate, we had 2 of our elders decide that that wasn't worth the heat and they just turned back, but man was it hot.  My companion is actually really funny about the heat in that basically if its even the slightest bit hotter than normal or if he has to wear a suit or something hes just always saying its too hot, so I normally give him a hard time about that.
So as a district we have been studying the first vision and trying to memorize it in chinese.  I finished that before we started that so I just study while other people practice but I have really come to realize how amazing of a thing it is and how important it is to be able to say the first vision with the spirit, I know that as I have said it in english, not so much in chinese, that I have felt power behind those words and that I have slowly come to realize that this is true, that Joseph Smith saw what he said he saw and that he communicated with our heavenly father and Christ at that time.
Well I'm out of time but know that I love you all and that I pray for your well being all the time
Love you always
Elder Heaton
He Zhang Lao