Monday, July 22, 2013


So first of all and probably the biggest thing that happened this week happened just yesterday or sunday which was the lovely Worldwide Mission Broadcast thing... Which was really cool.  So I think that the most interesting thing that happened during the whole conference happened at, if your looking at the video on, 1:54:11 which was the point where you could see ME during the broadcast, so look for that Im the one in the purple tie and probably the most shui (or handsome for all you english speakers) one there.  but as far as the actual broadcast goes I think that really the biggest thing that stuck out to me happened during the Like first bit of the broadcast when they announced that they would be implimenting a short time in the morning where the missionaries would be doing what I call e-proselyting in the morning, because as most of you know I just love to be on compters and so that was probably the thing that made me excited during it.  I was really excited to see the massive group of the first presidency and the apostles there in one place but there was (just) 11 of the 12 there, I think that was because Monson was feeling a bit sick that day so he couldn't make it. but it was still an amazing experience that I wouldn't give up.
So there seems to be a bit of an influenza that is striking the MTC at the moment and it seems that everyday there is a new victim in our apartment.  I was able to start the whole thing off with a night of pucking, but after a full day of just sleeping that is all behind me and now I just get to look on at all the other missionaries that are getting the flu.  But because of this the MTC is trying to crack down on cleanlyness and telling all the people to not be hugging or shaking hands as well as in the Cafe they have replaced the silverware with plastic to just try to be as clean as possible.
So for those of you who know much about the MTC they have the big main building that they call 1m and inside is where you do a lot of your day to day stuff.  Well that has been closed most of the weekend because I think that the apostles and First presidency were either staying in there or just holding a bunch of meetings in there, but it has been interesting to see how they (the MTC staff) has accomidated to it and just moved everything around.
As many of you know on P-days missionaries get to go to the temple to do a session of their choice but unfortunately for me throughout the month of July they will have the temple closed and so I wont be able to visit it for the rest of my stay here at the MTC.  So today was my last chance to go and it was good but it's interesting to think that I wont be able to go until I get to an appropriate area in Taiwan to go to the temple in Taibei.  But I though that that was interesting.
Well Starting about this Wednesday I think it will be about my halfway mark here in the MTC to get out of this place and so i'm totally excited for that.  I'm not gunna lie i'm getting really bored here.  Its not that I'm not doing fun things its just that I feel like I've done most of them before and it's just starting to get a little repititous so I'm really excited to get out of here and be in the beautiful land that is what i've heard called Chinas Hawaii =)
but to follow up on that I have been going onto a lot lately as I've found 3 profiles where the person in there speakes chinese and so I spend some time listening to each line and seeing what I know and how it translates and its just really fun.  It's interesting to see the grammer in chinese and how you would say certain things and I think its also a ton of fun to see what I would be able to hear and translate from a native speaker who isnt slowing down their speach for us... they talk really really fast.
Another thing that happened this week was when president Dunn pulled me and my companion aside and told us that my companion would be the new district leader for the next 3 weeks, which was really exciting news.  So i'm now the companion of the district leader.... and I think my first thought was, oh no, no more lazily sitting around after meals just getting comfortable because we now need to go get the mail for the district. but I'll live I guess.
But beyond that seeing as how we have been here for 4 weeks our district had decided that we would like to try hosting and so I might be able to be hosting for the next wave of arriving missoionaries, which means that I might be able to be the host for Sean Bandley which would be a cool little thing if I got it to work.  but anyway just know that I might be doing that.
Also I'm dying to know how Sharies been doing, no one has really given me any information on it and it would be nice to know that she is doing ok and stuff so if someone wants to give me an update on that they would be cool.
Now onto more spiritual things.
One of my big goals while i've been here is to try to fell and under stand the holy ghost and to recognize its gudance during my stay here.  I have been hard at work and prayer constantly asking for its companionship and guidance and I have occationaly been able to feel it.  I just wanted to say that the spirit is awesome and that I have been able to feel it during my time here, helping me which my Chinese, helping me teach the mock investigators and helping me stay awake. It is a real blessing to have and it is one that I have taken for granted for a long time in my life.  I hope that you can all be able to feel its influence in your lives as i have been able to here.  I know that as missionaries we can teach nothing except that it be by the spirit and that it is fundamental to our work.
So i'm just about out of time but as a final note of something to think about.  during the talk by holland titled the character of christ he made a reference to the natural man and said something like "I WANT COOKIE NOW" and so I decided to learn how to say that in chinese.  but as part of that heres your word of the week and I'll have a new one for you each week
Cookie - Bing (like the search engine) pronounced in a low tone of voice Gan (guh-an) pronounced in a high tone.
Anyway i'm out of time but I love you all and wish you all the best of blessings that the lord has to offer
Elder Heaton
He Zhang Lao