Monday, July 22, 2013


Dear Just about everybody because I know that everyone you ever have met ever will be reading this blog (and more specifically to my Family because their cooler than everyone else)
I would have tried to send you a letter or a present but seeing as how i'm at the MTC right now and not somewhere cool like taiwan I figured an e-mail would just suffice.  But I do want to know what the family got you so for this week you need to tell me everything that you got.
So on to the subject of this letter.  I have discovered that we have sone a lot of unusual things during my stay at the MTC first and foremost but I think it was happening before was that they have Missionaries (chuan zhao shi in chinese) living in wyview apartments, (I hope that that is how its spelled but I dont know)  but beyond that theres just a ton of cool stuff going on.   First off I gave Jack the SD card because these computers just really dont like me and so I just gave it to jack to copy over and he'll bring it back to me tomorrow so you can look at that.  Theres a couple of pictures there of just a huge crowd of people, just so you know, that's all missionaries walking from the MTC to the Mariot Center, and I think all the ones that I was taking pictures of were all in the chior as well so that just makes it that much cooler but I think most of them just want to participate in the awesome devitonal thats going on then chior attendence will DROP like a rock but its cool for now. But beyond that we also had the first devotional ever to be actually performed at the West campus (the wyview apartments ect.) instead of the main campus and so that was awesome.  The speaker there was a really high up guy who worked closly with all the mormon commercials and so he showed a bunch of those and it was just a really great devotional.
Also a cool (and a little sad for me) thing happened this sunday which was that for the first time ever they split the Mandarin branch and so our sacrament meetings will now be half as big.  The reason that it's a little sad for me is that I was part of the newly formed branch (branch 25) while all the old presidency other than president Frishneckt ( I hope that's how you spell it) stayed in the old branch (Branch 39) so I will miss the old presidence, also most of the new presidency for me doesn't speak chinese so that will be interesting.
Also within the pictures that I sent with Jack is a picture of my nametag and I just wanted to say that it is totally awesome and I know what it says... Yesu Jidu Hoqi Shengtu Zhaohui so you can try to figure out what each part means but I just wanted to say that mine is cooler than all of yours =) not that its a competition or anything.  I also have been thinking a lot about how long I will be here and I realized that I will be here longer than Jessica, Sara and Jack COMBINED!!!! So thats... sad as I'd rather be in Taiwan than here but the lord wants me to actually be able to talk to the people so I guess this is a necessary evil.
Dear Mother I have realised that I was a real slacker and even though I was reminded twice I never did get my information over to Sister Jakeman about my Missionary Plaque ( I really hope I spelled that right (= )  but I have finally decided what my scripture will be
The name should say
Elder Eric Daniel Heaton
Taiwan Taichung Mission
(if you can find the characters from like google translate put them here but if not thats ok)
Joshua 24: 15
Choose ye this day who ye will serve... But as for me and my house we will serve the lord
I think that that would be the best scripture for it and that is the one that feels the most right... for the longest time I was thinking of 1 Nephi 1:1 but that really didnt get what I wanted across but this... this did and I'm happy that I finally found it.  but if you could get that to her and tell her i'm really sorry that would be great.
Oh yeah ben will like this one.   I would have sent this to him personaly but seeing as he DIDN'T WRITE ME!!!!!! I'll just put it in the mass e-mail.
So I went to the temple this morning at about 7:30 and as i'm walking out of the MTC gates and up to the cross walk there was this kid wearing a green shirt who stuck his hand out to shake it.  so I shook his hand and he says "dodging is way better" and leaves with the other runners he was with.   so I just start cracking up and all of my district who was around me was just like "Did he just speak chinese or something" because no one heard what he said or if they did they didn't under stand it but it really made my day.  If this doesn't really make sense let me explain.  Ben has a lot of friends come over and I hang out with them and talk to them because their all really cool and stuff but one of his friends plays Dark Souls and has beaten it multiple times.  So one day I say to him that I wear the highest def armor and pump up my vitality really high and I just tank through all the dmg that the enemy deal but he (having beaten the game many more times than me and is probably more knowledgeable about it) insisted that dodging is the way you need to go.  And so it has been a lasting argument.  But it really made me laugh.  but I will have to say that its all about the tanking and dodging can roll off a cliff =).  Well that gets my Gamerness out into the open.
anyway family I hope that everyone is doing good
mom - I think that all the weight you lose just will be coming to me while i'm in the MTC but thats ok because its cool =)
Dad - AC instilation sounds rough but good thing you got it figured out.  Before in the classroom the ac was broken and it was toasty in there but they have now fixed it and now everytime we walk in all the girls in the district just start shivering.
Jess - From the dear elder sounds like you are going/ have had a good evening with Red, you should totally write me and tell me how that went
Sara - Your Still awesome and you should stay that way.  I sent a bunch of picures with jack home and so i'm totally saying that counts as 2 weeks  so you can decide what that means =)
Jack - It's awesome seeing you at the Cafe and I am glad that your their.  Just remember that after I leave you will need to write me to be able to talk to me, so dont forget when that time comes =)
Emily - ...Your getting so old... and i've only been gone for 3 weeks!!! Its weird thinking of you as a senior but I know that you will be totally thriving in college when I get back so i'll just have to get used to the fact that your really old!!!
Ben - WRITE ME otherwise I will have to think that you didnt survive survival because you havn't really said anything sense then, I hope that your not like stuck on a cactus somewhere. are you keeping my starcraft 2 profile up in the gold league?????
anyway thats all the time that i've got but I love you all
Elder Heaton
He Zhang Lao