Sunday, November 30, 2014



Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2014 12:32:14 +0800
Subject: The blaze of a new companion

Hello everybody!!

This week has gone by really well, it has been a little weird as we were able to kind of have 2 P-days this week which kind of threw everything here fora  little bit of a loop, but at the end of it I got a new companion, an Elder Teasdale or a 狄長老 (Di zhang lao) who is super funny, he is also from Utah, however his mother is from South America, so he has a little bit of those roots and speaks pretty good Spanish, which is fun to hear =)

Well this week went by pretty well, my old companion Elder Hansen spent most of the week just kind of trying to see those people that he would miss or that he wanted to see, so it was pretty fun just going around and saying hi to those people. so that was kind of going on throughout this whole week.

Other than that though is that right now in our mission I think I already mentioned is that we are doing a "Faith and Diligence week" to try to add more faith and power to the mission, last week the mission president invited everyone in the mission to get 6 people to come to church in this last Sunday, so me and Elder Hansen, and afterwards Elder Teasdale jumped on the invite and just started inviting everyone to come to church, which really started to help us find those people that were willing.  One person was this cool guy that Elder Hansen contacted, he is an insurance salesman and even though we had been keeping in contact with him we for the past 3 weeks were not able to get any time to meet with him, however this week, after constantly inviting him to come over to the church, we were finally able to give him a chapel tour, afterwards we shared a little bit with him about the gospel and even though he didn't really have time this week to come to church he said that he would work on finding time in the coming weeks.

The other big story that we have is there is a super cool member here by the name of Brother Xie (謝)he has been less active for a little bit because he had started smoking a little, and felt unworthy, so many elders had been working with him before, however we recently invited him to once again start trying to quite smoking and this last Tuesday he happily told us that he had finally gone 1 full week with out smoking at all.  It was a super cool experience, as I had not helped anyone up to this point to quit any addictions, but he was super excited and is now finally starting back on the path of progression!

Finally to end the week, our ward, to have more activities that people wanted to come to, decided that they wanted to have a thanksgiving activity, and so yesterday night (Sunday) the ward got together and figured out how to cook 2 turkeys (once again you have to realize that nobody in Taiwan really knows how to use an oven and many have never even seen one) and made mashed potatoes and gravy and just had a great time, so I was able to have a little bit of a thanks giving feast of some sort, we were also able to get one of our cool investigators there, a brother Chen who is really working hard on progressing in the gospel and trying to get to know Christ.

Sorry for the kind of crazy e-mail, not super organized this week, but things are going good.  Hope that you all had a great thanksgiving and that you are just all enjoying life!