Sunday, November 23, 2014



Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2014 11:54:56 +0800
Subject: Off to the beach!!

Hello the family!!

This week has gone by pretty well, we were able to have some fun at ZTM and to be able to to off to Kaohsiung, later in the week there was some pretty crazy traveling which has left me sore up until now and to end it off we had a great Sunday, so lets start it off.

First off for some interesting Taiwanese culture, one of the more common of Taiwanese restaurants for a family to go eat at includes a biggish round table with a round part in the middle of the table that can spin, then each person would get a small bowl of usually white rice, and they would put everything else that will be eaten in the middle of the table then when you want to eat something you just turn the middle part of the table till the thing you want is in front of you and you would put it on your rice or on a small plate that you have.  This week we had a member treat us to one of these which is always kind of fun, and the member really loves to eat fish, and so he ordered a ton of fish including sashimi, which is just raw fish, really good, but that was just kind of a fun little thing that I ate this week.

The next day was our English class, and because this week was technically the last week of transfers, we had our Halloween English party, which was pretty fun, we put some members in the various classrooms in the church and had people go around and "trick or treat" and in each room there was a small game for them to play and some candy. Of course me and my companion had to dress up and so I found an old dirty white shirt in our apartment, ripped it up and was a zombie, while my companion found a cloak and was going to be Gandalf, but in the end I think he told everybody that he was Moses, (pictures are in dropbox) But it was a lot of fun and we are slowly starting to get the people that are attending English class to start meeting with us, woo!

finally I think the biggest thing that we did this week was our massive bike ride.  Last Sunday we had a new Member move in, and as he came to church last week he brought his mother with him who was a non-member, we talked with them and set up a time to meet with them, then we found out that they lived in the furthest part of our area.  So we found our most empty day (Thursday) and just started biking down there, it was a ton of fun, and that part of our area is pretty much nothing but beach, and so you just got to bike down starting out at the ocean.  When we finally got to their house we had a great lesson with her and got her to pray, which actually caused her to really feel the spirit, and to begin to cry.  It was truly the experience for me to see the spirit work on someone even during their first prayer.

Well that was just about it for this week, things are going well and we are working on finding fun ways of finding new people.  Hope that everyone is having a great week and is all getting over their colds! 

Love you all!