Sunday, November 23, 2014



Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2014 11:28:55 +0800
Subject: The Crazy Transfers

Hello Family!

This week has gone by pretty well, we have been having fun and the work is going pretty well, so all in all its been a really good week!

This month, as we are having a mission tour soon and just to be able to improve morale and stuff in the mission, President Blickenstaff has decided that November would be "Faith and Diligence" month, with each week having a specific thing that he would want us to read during personal study, as well as having a specific goal that we would be trying to achieve, this week our goal was to get 50 "adds" or just to find 50 people that haven't set up a time with you, to set up a specific place and time to meet.  It was lots of fun and really got our contacting a lot more focused than it had been in awhile and I was able to enjoy a little more all of that time that we have to go outside and talk to people.  However by the end of the week we weren't able to find 50 people, but we found a good amount and I was happy with the effort =)

Here's a nice funny story from the week.  We have this investigator, she is super cool and her son is a member, she is progressing really well and her surname is Wang, the only problem that we have is that she lives in the furthest part of our area, in a secondary area called Fang shan.  Now we have already gone out there to visit her before, and it was a super cool trip that you were pretty much biking right next to the ocean and its just a super scenic bike ride, however the first time that we had done the trip it took us two and a half hours... but we were determined to keep visiting with her during the week, and so we set up a day to go out there to meet with her, and started going.  eventually we were starting to get close and were starting to see some of the land marks that we remembered from the first time that we had gone there, when suddenly we round a corner, and we had arrived, in half the amount of time that we had planned, meaning it only took us 1:15 to get there... so that left us a little bit of thinking time as we figured we didn't really need a good backup plan for travel time (bad idea) but that's kind of our funny story for the week.

Finally to explain the subject, lately the new missionaries that were going to come here to Taiwan have been having some troubles getting their visa's (not as bad as Brasil) and because of that our mission has not had new missionaries here for a good 3 months or 2 transfers or so.  But just this last week our mission president got a call that said that we would be getting missionaries on Saturday.  Now the new missionaries normally arrive on Tuesday, our president just happy that we have new missionaries decided that to best accommodate the new missionaries, he would change the transfer day from Monday to Friday, and also change P-day with it, but that we would still be e-mailing on Monday, so just to let you all know, its not my P-day right now (weird) but they did give us a little bit of notice and told us that my companion Elder Hansen would be moving, however where he is going and who my new companion is we still don't know.  but we will eventually find out.

Well that's just about it for this week, the weather is finally starting to cool off a little bit and maybe I might even start wearing a light jacket soon or long sleeve shirts, I don't know but until then keep cool!

Love you all
Elder Heaton