Monday, July 7, 2014



Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2014 17:20:06 +0800
Subject: The Grand Return to the flourishing city of Tainan

Hello Family and Friends

Well the time has finally arrived for me to come back to the mission field and once again spend all my time serving the lord and following the mission rules.  Time has sure flown by and I have loved being back home and just hanging out with my family, but now that I am back out I have enjoyed brushing up on my Chinese, trying to talk with a lot of people and just stay generally happy!

So this week started when I got on the plain and ran into all of the new missionaries that were also going to be going to the Taizhong mission with me, it was really an interesting flash back to remember what I was doing at their time, seeing how curious they were and being able to just talk with them about how amazing Taiwan really is.  Afterwards when we landed President decided that it was probably a waste of my time to go through all of the orientation again and so he sent me out with the zone leaders to proselyte, we had a good time being in 3some for a little bit however the next day we got a call from the office telling us that we were going to become a foursome till the new transfer started.  It was super crazy and we ended up just splitting up in the same area doing twice as much work, it was soo fun.

But finally the new transfers came and I learned that I will be going to Tainan, the county right above Kaohsiung opening up a new area with my new companion Elder Crook, Hes a really cool guy but because I got into Tainan a little late I still haven't had much of a chance to talk to him, so I will tell you more about him next week.  So president finally decided that I was ready to go senior companion, sending me to a new area with a companion who also has never been here before, we will be having a fresh start here and are planning on having a GREAT call figuring out the area and just working hard!

Well family I hope that you are doing well, its so good to get all of your E-mails and I hope that the next time that I come home will be after the full service and will be for keeps.  I love you all and I will talk to you all next week!

Have a great week and a great summer!