Sunday, July 27, 2014



Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2014 12:03:07 +0800
Subject: Week of Miracles

Hello Family!

This week has gone by fairly quickly, we are still spending tons of time finding and trying to get people to set up more than the one time that we have to share a short message with them, and just to keep finding more people who are willing to hear the gospel.  It is an interesting task and hopefully we will be able to accomplish something great by the end of the transfer.

So this week started pretty good, we spend last weeks P-day out at the beach having fun and then went back to the church to play some majiang until P-day was over, it was pretty fun and I got to practice a little bit of piano, to try to accomplish my goal of being able to play it a little better by the time I get back home.  After that the week began, and we were invited to meet with one of the member families in the ward by the name of Yeh or who's cousin recently moved in with her and she wanted us to share the gospel with her.  She was super cool and works at a tea shop, so after we spent some time at Sister Yehs house we went home and tried to find where this tea shop was and spent a lot of the next morning trying to find it, so that was fun.

Later that week we were talking to our Zone Leaders who were following up with us on something and we were just chatting when he mentions that he had found a lot of success from tracting lately, and that night we had about 2 hours of time where we didn't really have anything to do and so we decided to go on a super power tracting time and just tract for two hours.  It started out pretty cool and we found a awesome guy who studied abroad in Portland for 5 years and after finishing his schooling came back to Taiwan.  He was super cool and got baptized to some random church ( I think it was the bread of Christ church or something like that) and was happy to be talking with us, so that was fun.  After teaching him a little bit we left him and started off to our next thing, when we met a nice lady who let us into her work to share a short message.  She owned a small hotel of sorts and was really super nice.  As it turned out she was christian as well and she shared some of her personal beliefs that she felt were "out of line" with a normal christian, but listening to her I felt that most of what she was saying was totally in line with what we taught, so it was a super cool lesson.

Finally to end our week we celebrated one of the Elders in our apartments birthdays, Elder xu or , it was lots of fun and there were a bunch of members who sang to him and gave him some gifts. So that was great!

Well thats just about it for this week.  The work is going well, we are still finding, and are hoping to find those who are ready to progress.

Love you all and talk to you all next week!