Sunday, July 20, 2014



Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2014 11:32:28 +0800
Subject: Talk and talk and talk to people!

Hello everybody!

This week was pretty good, we were doing our best to build up our investigator pool as well as just make sure that we has something to do during the week, but in the end most of our time turned into contacting people.  But I do have to say that even though that's how it turned out, it wasn't really that bad, we had a lot of chances to learn our area and we just had some fun meeting a lot of interesting people.

So yeah, this week started with us just kind of figuring out where everything was, on Monday night the other Elders that are in the apartment with us took us to a dinner with one of the active members who turned out to be really cool, they love missionaries and before would usually have missionaries over like once a week or so just because they are nice.  But after that the new day started and as we sat down for the plan, there was nothing really in any books or anything so we decided the best way to spend our week would just be contact, contact, contact.  I was kind of expecting it to be a really slow day, but form the get go it seemed like just about everybody that we were talking to was at least willing to talk if not interested in the church.  It was really cool and we managed to set up with two people for the next day.  It was a really cool day that I definitely wasn't expecting, and by the end of it we were happy with the work that we did. However most of the week kind of turned into that, that we just spent most of the day contacting, and if we got lucky we would have a chance to sit down with someone and share a message with them.

But the week eventually came to an end and Sunday arrived, and there's something that I really have discovered about myself that I don't really know how to improve, which is just that I have absolutely no memory for names or people, it was kind of funny because we spent most of our time between the meetings just trying to talk to people, get to know them and their names, introduce ourselves as well as find the people who would be willing and have time to help us out during our various lessons.  However I realized after the church meeting was over and I was watching the people go by that I still had no idea who most of the people were, and the ones that I did recognize I still had no idea what their names were... oops, but I'm trying hard and hopefully I will get a little better at remembering all of these peoples names.

Well I know its not really the most exciting of e-mails but there's not really much that went on this week.  So yeah!

Oh yeah and some info on my new companion.  His name is Elder Crook, or 柯長老, he hails from the great city of Portland Oregon, so that's cool.  He is a great missionary who likes keep cracking jokes or just kind of act really silly.  He has been on his mission for just a little less amount of time than I have and he has really great Chinese.  I find it super fun to talk with him, hear him talking with the people here and I think it will be a great transfer with him.

So yeah thats my week.  Its kind of sad to hear about dad and to see those pictures of him, I hope that by the time class starts that he is feeling well enough to be able to perform effectively in class and that he is just able to recover without any complications.  Is there any plans to try to get the Buick fixed or are you just going to dump it in exchange for a newer car?

Well have a great week, I love you all!