Saturday, April 26, 2014



Date: Sat, 19 Apr 2014 17:45:21 +0800
Subject: Different P-day!

Hello the family!

Well theres a little bit of news that i didn't know at the time that I was doing my e-mails last week and that's just that for the duration that i'm in the office, my P-days will me on Saturday because... thats just kind of how it works, so sorry I didn't tell you last week =(

So this week went by fairly quickly, I spent most of the week just getting used to life in the office and seeing what life is like down here.  I gotta say its rather interesting, not really anything like what I've had to do on my mission up to this point, so lets just jump right in.

First off I think the biggest thing that everyone wants to know is that my arm and back are doing great.  Theres not really any pain at this point unless i'm really trying to move the injured points around, so thats good, also more good news is that my penmanship in my right hand is improving to the point that you can read what i'm writing pretty easily =) so things are just getting better.

Aside from that there's not really much to talk about, mostly the people in the office will always have some odd job for me to do or something like that so that i'm not getting too bored and fairly often the people who are kind of my companions (Elder Noll and elder Liu) will often go off on road trips so i'm getting the chance to see a lot more of Taiwan, so i'm having a good amount of fun,  I', also enjoying having the chance to be a tech monkey right now as some of the office elders have asked me to try to fix some of their computer problems =)

Well I hope that you are all doing good and having a lot of fun just hanging out at the good old hometown,  Sorry that I didn't really get a huge chance to tell you all about the whole P-day change but there's always next week!  Until then hope you all have a good week and are just always smiling =)

Also Mommy I did get the package and i'm totally loving all the little goodies! THANKYOU SOO MUCH! I LOVE YOU!