Sunday, April 6, 2014



Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2014 11:33:04 +0800
Subject: Another weekly e-mail!

Hello the family, and everyone else!

This week has been going really good, we had a nice zone conference, a chance to go on exhanges with the zone leaders as well as just meet with a lot of cool people.  The area is doing really well and things are just going pretty good.

So to start off the week, we were able to have a really nice zone conference, which made few minor changes to some of the rules that were already in place as well as change a little bit how we are supposed to work with the mission office.  One of the main focuses was on the last conference talks by Elder S. Gifford Nielsen Titled "Hastening the Lords Game Plan" and how we want to start working with the ward and inviting them to use the three invitations that are in his talk.  Rather interesting but we personally still haven't had much of a chance to do that quite yet.

Now later on during the week we have been working on just trying to visit active members, mostly for the purpose of asking for referrals, but also to share a quick message with them, and so as we were meeting with one of the members, by the name of or yellow, we decided that we were going to just have dinner with him, and so we met at a subway, which is the first time I had been to Subway in Taiwan, it was pretty much like the one in America... just less stuff that you can put on your sandwiches and all in Chinese =)

After that though we had a cool miracle that I wasn't really a part of but cool none the less, so we went on exchanges with our zone leaders, I went to their area, and one of them went to our area, and they went out and met with 黃媽媽 our recent converts mother, if you remember her.  Lately every time we have gone to visit her she has told us that she is thinking about baptism but still hasn't made up her mind and so she wouldn't set a goal, but this week as the Zone leader was out there she finally decided that she was ready and set the goal to be baptized! Woo super cool and we are working hard with her to make sure that she is ready!

Well that's pretty much the highlights of the week.  We have been doing good, having a lot of fun and just being Bold and inviting missionaries!

Hope that you are all having a good week and I will talk to you next week!
Love ya!