Monday, April 14, 2014



Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2014 18:01:17 +0800
Subject: humpty dumpty sat on a wall...

Dear the family and every body else...

Let me start by saying that all the rumors are true and that I did in fact fall from a bridge and get a small compression fracture on my elbow as well as in my lumbar spine, I believe they said it was the L1.  Let me continue by saying that I'm doing well not in too much pain (unless I am sitting or standing for too long) and all in all its not too bad.  because the injury happened on the last week of move call President decided to move me to the office to rest for the next 3-6 weeks until I heal up and am able to continue proselyting.  and lastly sorry if my e-mails are a little short in the coming weeks as I only have one hand to be typing everything up... so lets get it started.

So here's the story, me and my companion were bored after we had eaten with our district, it was about 4:00 and we were just thinking about what we could to do to finish the rest of our p-day.  So we decided to go to a ropes course that we saw the week before and just see how it was.  So we get there, it was $2 to get in (or 60NT) and we go in and just look around.  in the end the place was a little boring, and there wasn't much to do without a big group.  But we didnt give up and saw these big rope bridges that were at the front of the place, so we go up and just start walking across the bridge.  my companion went first and made it across just fine but as was going across about half way through the bridge and the ropes underneath me broke and I fell through.  the fall was about 40 feet and right when I hit the ground my left arm and back were hurting.  so my companion comes down and asks if I'm ok, I just tell him to get the park people, and after that they called and ambulance.  so theirs the story of my fall. 

As the injury happened on Monday night, there wasn't too much that happened this week.  After telling president about the fall, he told me that I should try to take it easy this week and that he didn't want me up and walking around.  But even with that we had some members drive us to the chapel, where we had the chance to meet with some people but that was just normal missionary work.  Other than that though we had the chance to baptize a super cool old lady by the name of Sister Huang, she is the mother of brother Huang who we helped baptize last month.  It was a great experience to be able to meet her and see her change.  I think the most interesting thing with her was just the fact that she doesn't really speak Chinese very well, as her first language is Taiwanese, and she doesn't totally understand everything about the church, but because she saw that the church was good for her son, and that she liked the people she met in the church, she decided to be baptized.

Other than that though things are going good, I'll just be resting for the next couple of weeks and trying not to be too bored. =)