Monday, September 30, 2013


Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2013 12:24:34 +0800
Subject: Zone Conference, and...not much else

Hello Everybody!!!

Things seem to be going well down there in good ol Utah and life seems to keep moving along no matter how far away I go so that's kinda weird.  This week has actually been rather uneventful but I will try to expound as much as I can =).

I guess first off is just the food... I didn't really eat anything too interesting but I did manage to get the package from my mommy this last Wednesday (Thanks mom =) it was wonderful) and... the chocolate totally melted so I ended up with 3 really cool bricks of chocolate.  I have been enjoying that lately and the top of my desk right now is covered in chocolate dust from me and Elder Raley just breaking off pieces of the chocolate.  But we actually have plans to make cookies with the other 2 bags today so that should be good =)

So as far as the week goes, it was pretty much a usual week, on Tuesday I went on exchanges with the zone leaders, which was actually really fun, but the person I was with had just barely come to the area so we both didn't really know how to get around the town.  However he seemed to pick it up pretty well and it turned out to be a really good exchange in the end.  After we switched back Elder Raley had decided during the exchange that it was time to really work with all the former investigators that we had accumulated and try to find some cool ones to teach.  So that has been one of our focuses for this week.  However I think that the biggest thing that happened this week would probably be the fact that we had zone conference.  Which is just a really huge training meeting that is actually led by the mission president, which lasted us from 10 AM to 4 PM, it took awhile but it was also really fun and we learned a lot about repentance, how to teach it, and what it really means.  It was a good time and I enjoy further cementing the idea of what people need to do to truly repent and change their lives.

So I think I mentioned this before but lately (because Huwei is actually a college town and school is starting around now ) we have been running into a few Vietnamese people who actually only speak English and Vietnamese, so we have been working on setting up with them and getting lessons down, however its hard because English is still their second language and they don't really know "church" terms, ie. when I contacted them they had no idea what the word "missionary" meant, and I didn't really know how to explain it because usually when I say it in chinese they get it... so yeah.  Anyway that has just been a topic of discussion that we have had lately because we weren't sure if it would be worth our time at the moment to be teaching them.

Well that's really all that has happened this week, but I do want to point out one thing, which is HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARA!!!!!!!!! HOPE THAT YOU HAVE HAD AN AWESOME YEAR, THAT COLLEGE LIFE IS GOING GOOD AND THAT YOU ARE ABLE TO ENJOY EVERYTHING THAT YOU SET OUT TO DO. So yeah!

Well I guess I just want to say that I do know that the things that I am teaching these people here is true, that I know through this gospel we have the opportunity to live with our families forever, and that this is the message that can bring the most happiness to everyone's lives, I know these things to be true and I know that we have a living god that can truly help us in our daily lives. These things I know in the name of Jesus Christ Amen!

Until next week
Elder Heaton