Monday, September 2, 2013


Date: Mon, 2 Sep 2013 12:14:42 +0800
Subject: Rain Rain Go Away... or not

Hello everyone, everybody and... that's all.

So this week was full of so many things, but I think the biggest thing it was full of was travel time... Let me explain

So this week there were 3 things that we really needed to travel to that were out of the normal...rotation, first of all on Tuesday we wanted our district leader to go to one of our investigators houses to do a baptismal interview, but the investigator lives a little out in the boonies so we decided to do a transfer for that but that meant that I needed to go to Douliu for a day because if I had to lead the way in my area I would probably get lost.  So I got to do transfers for that, really fun and the person I worked with in Douliu liked that I had an extra 30 mins for LS at dinner (because I'm still on my first transfer.)

That's one, next, which was the day after (Thursday...i think) they had a meeting for all the companionship's that were getting/training, but the meeting was in GaoXiong (or KaoShiong, I'm not really sure how they spell it)  Which is near the far south part of the island, the only problem was that there was a Taiphoon going on and so everything was totally flooded, including the normal train tracks, so there wasn't anything leaving from our train station, so we called and were about to go home but then the zone leaders called us and told us we had permission to take a taxi. However the taxi's weren't running because of the taiphoon so we were kinda out of luck, but then the sisters called us and told us that they found a taxi, and were given permission to join them to get to the high-speed train that would take us to Gaoxiong.  So that was an awesome adventure.

And finally the 3rd one was that the day after that (Friday) the zone leaders decided to do exchanges with us and so I got to go to JiaYi (Chiai...) for another day for transfers, and that was also really fun, but to get to Jaiyi we had to take another train which from dounan to Jaiyi is a good 40 or so mins.  So that went well.  Also the day after that the zone leader that I was with was asked to do a baptismal interview and because we didn't really have time to switch back I got to join him and go to another town called Taibao.

And I think the most important detail about all this traveling was that there was a taiphoon all this week and so that means that there was just a ton of rain. during the whole time.  It has finally stopped but thta was an adventure.

This week I really only ate like one interesting thing which was called "Chou DouFu" or Stinky Tofu, which smells a little bit like a sewer, but it doesn't taste too bad.  So that was good fun, my companion likes it but I thought that it was just ok.

Another interesting thing about Taiwan is that Bowling here is really really cheep.  its about 100NT for 2 games or so which is about $3 or so.  But I haven't bowled here yet, they had a ward activity but I was on transfers during the time.

Well that's about it.  Know that I am doing well, the rain has stopped, the moon festival is coming up (I'm not sure what day it is but it sounds fun) and the people are really cool, even the ones with no interest.  Speaking of which, last night we were contacting and we ran into a guy at the bus station and were talking about how our ward was having a BBQ and invited him to it, he said he was actually holding a BBQ of his own on that day and totally invited us to it.  So we are going for it and are going to have 2 Taiwan Barbecues in one day, Woo

Well that's pretty much it Love you all

Elder Heaton