Saturday, September 28, 2013



Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2013 12:11:57 +0800
Subject: Moon Festival, and BBQ's

Hello the family, the friends, and i guess everybody else.

This week has been a rather long week full of finding, contacting, talking to people and most importantly barbecuing... maybe I have my priorities a little out of order.

So seeing as this week (Thursday) was the moon festival the little town of Huwei got a little more exciting and has a lot of strange faces that came here to visit family.  So the interesting thing that I thought of this week is that there are missionaries that are in the cities, like Tainan, Taichung, Taipei ect. then you have the missionaries that are a little more out of the way in the random parts of the area, which is places like huwei. But I think what makes a big difference is that when you are in these more rural areas, during the festival this is the place where people come to visit their families, because this is where they grew up, whereas when your in the bigger cities during the holidays, that's where all the people leave and the town gets a lot emptier during the holidays.  kinda a subtle difference but one I noticed, as I talked to a lot of people who were from Gaoxiong, Taibei and all the other big towns here on the island.

But as far as food goes, the only real interesting thing that I ate this week was called a star fruit or a liang (the same liang as my name) pao (pronounced pow) which is a very unique fruit because well... it actually kinda looks like a star.  it is rather delicious, or I like it, but my companion isn't the biggest fan of them.  Other than that though I think the biggest part of my diet consisted of barbecuing this week as I had the opportunity to go to about 5 different ones, each one was basically eat until your full then eat a little more, and is practically only meat.  so that was fun.

Now that thats over with, I think I need to repent of my forgetfulness as last week I didn't say HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMS!!!!!!!! I sent you a card in the mail but it might take awhile for it to get to you because the mail has all been stopped here until, well, today due to the moon festival so tell me when you get that =)

Well this week has been a rather boring one besides that, as far as the whole moon festival goes, having a BBQ and just going home to visit family is all people really do here so there wasn't that much excitement about it.  We have been working on trying to find new investigators as our progressing investigator pool is currently at 0.  So the week has been long as we have had nobody to teach. But we had the opportunity to talk to a lot of people, and got some potentials that might be willing to meet with us so I'll tell you if anything from that pans out.

The new move call has started, seeing as I'm still in training I didn't switch companions or areas, but the effects of the move call made my companion the new district leader, which so far really only mean's that he's on the phone a little longer than normal, but that might be because our district only has 6 people in it. But things are going well here and I'm happy to be doing the work.

Sorry for the lack luster e-mail but I hope that everyone is doing all right, the weather here is cooling down and the taiphoon season is starting to come to an end so all in all, everything seems to be going good.

Until next week
Elder Heaton