Sunday, March 15, 2015



Date: Mon, 9 Mar 2015 11:43:16 +0800
Subject: A week of power in the city!

Hello everyone!!

This week was actually really fun, a little bit stressful and just kind of crazy as I was trying to get used to my new area/companion, while working on what we call power week this week which is just a bunch of crazy goals that we wanted to try to accomplish like passing out 13 Book of Mormon's in one day while also trading contact info with them, adding 20 people in a day or other things.  It was pretty crazy but also really fun!

The week started off with me coming to the big city of Kaohsiung to meet with my new companion Elder Dayley, He is actually someone that was in the same MTC District as me and so we knew each other a little bit before now, however after the MTC I had not really had much contact with him due to the fact that most of my time on the mission I have been in the southern parts of the island where most of his mission has been spent in the northern parts of the island.  But now we get to work together woo!! I'll try to get a picture of me and him in dropbox this week, but if I forget or run out of time, sorry!

Other than that this week was power week, which also meant that study time was pretty much cut in half, there was 30 min's of personal study and 30 mins of companionship study, then we were out the door and just going to town trying to talk to everybody, its lots of fun, however I felt a little bad because I still had no idea where anything was because I was in a new area, and so the entire load of trying to do everything was on Elder Dayley's shoulders, but he did a good job and we were able to find quite a lot of awesome prepared people to talk to.

Another cool thing about the area is that when I got here they had 3 really prepared baptismal goals that we are working with, two of them are a couple of really awesome kids whose mother was less active for a while but is coming back to activity.  They are both really funny and they make me laugh every time that I see them.  They sometimes bicker a little bit but its always in kind of a funny way.  Then the other baptismal goal was part of a family that we are working with.  The mother is really interested in how the gospel can help her 3 daughters and has been studying the doctrine pretty in depth, then her oldest daughter is the one with the baptismal goal, she is a really prepared soul that enjoys being at church and just wants to improve her life.  then the other two are really hyper and like to cause a lot of mischief.  All it all its pretty fun working with them.

Finally I think that the biggest difference that has come from the transfer here is just the amount of people that you see.  Back in Dong gang you would be able to travel for a good 20 minutes without having much of a chance to talk to anyone, however here, the distance between our house and the chapel is about 20 minutes, but that can easily become 2 hours if you really try to talk to everyone that is on the road and everyone that you see.  Its really kind of crazy, but its something to get used to haha.

Well I hope that you all have a great week and that everything is going awesome!!!

Love you all!