Sunday, March 1, 2015



Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2015 11:42:19 +0800
Subject: Rushing through the week

Hello family!

Well this week went by really well.  We were able to see quite a few miracles this week as we were working on seeing different parts of our area and we had a great time.

The week started off with some exchanges and I got to head out to Kaohsiung and once again experience the big city.  It was pretty fun up there as I got to go with an Elder Bak who came on island with me so we had a lot of fun talking about the MTC and about just mission life in general.

After that on Wednesday my companion and I decided that we wanted to play a board game with our English class, so from Monday to Wednesday we had worked hard to be able to get the board game set up and prepared so that we could play it on Wednesday, making all of the cards and thinking of some random rules, then when the day came, I thought that the game might not take the full time and during our English classes I prepared a short activity before hand to help them understand the cards a little better, however I underestimated the time the game would take (it was a matching game) and in the end neither I nor my companion were able to play the board game... how sad haha, but we decided that we could play it in two weeks so that should be good =)

As most of you know, Chinese New Year is pretty much upon us, which to most Americans doesn't really mean anything, but here in Taiwan its a really big thing, where people get a ton of time off (anywhere from 4 days to 2 months) and they go around and see their families and eat a ton of food.  its quite the celebration, so during this time where there's tons of people traveling, we have a potential investigator that lives in one of our secondary areas, nearing the boarder of our area, so we decide to travel out there and to get a good sit down with him.  He decided that he didn't really want us to come to his house because he said his dog is really loud, so we head over to a nearby park, as we get there we look at the benches.. and they are covered in bird poo... so we are thinking where do we want to sit when a woman walks toward us and yells "hi elders!" we are a little shocked but start talking to her.  As it turns out she was a member from Taipei and was down here visiting for the New Years, when she sees that we are meeting with an investigator she invites us to her families home for us to have the lesson.  It was quite the experience, and just kind of made me laugh in the end because of how crazy it felt at the time.

Well to end the week we had a small branch activity where we went to a members to bake a chicken.  As we get there, we start helping the member prepare two fire pits with piles of dirt clumps in it, then we build really big fires to heat up the dirt clumps.  After the dirt is nice and hot, what they do is they put the chicken that they want to cook in a bag, put out the fire, then throw the bag of chicken into the coals and bury the whole thing... once again totally throwing me off, but it was a lot of fun and me and my companion reeked of smoke afterwards. 

Well that's pretty much my week.  Hope that you are all having a great week!!

Love you!