Sunday, October 12, 2014



Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2014 11:57:11 +0800
Subject: If I could bike 100 Miles...

Hello Family!!

Well this week has gone fairly well and I have been enjoying the time down here.  Sometime during the week I remember looking at my companion as we were biking down one of the long roads that are around here and just mentioning that it still feels like its pretty much summer here.  The heat here is still nice and warm and I am still sporting short sleeves and coming home covered in sweat every day, but its tons of fun and I enjoy being able to meet with all of the interesting people that are around here.

So this week was the last week of the Move call or transfers, and because of that we normally, for our English class, hold a small party, which we call an evaluation night.  We decided that this time we would have a small movie night, as well as make some cookies for all of the students, however, our English class in on Wednesday and we only really finalized our plans to actually have this party the day before.  So we had a fun time trying to find and prepare everything for the English party, which was quite interesting, and then as we get to the English class we realized that we hadn't really told anybody about the whole English party, so we just kind of told them as they walked in the door, and they just rolled with it, I thought it was really funny.

Well one thing about our area, or just most of the rural areas in the mission is that the boundaries are usually really big, so that you have more people that you can work with, so this week we had 3 lessons on 3 consecutive days all in one of our further away areas, that takes about an hour and a half to be able to bike to there.  So on Thursday we biked down there to be able to meet with a less active couple, who were both really cool but both had some reasons that they didn't really want to go to church.  So we shared some scriptures with them and then left. It was pretty fun and they were really nice.  But then the next day (Friday) we had another lesson with an investigator family, who just make me laugh every time I go there, the whole family is really fun and are really willing to sit down with us, however that also meant that we had another long bike ride way up there to be able to meet with them.  Then finally on Saturday we were set up with one of our RC's that lived in a different secondary area in the other direction so we biked down there which takes a good 45 minutes to get there and to be able to talk to him.  So that was my biking experience for the week =)

Finally to end the week we had church which always is a good time, however on Sunday morning we were spending a lot of time just trying to find someone who would be willing to go with us to Church, and even though we called everyone that we were meeting with we didn't get anyone to come.  I was feeling a little bit down about the whole thing, but after sacrament ended, I randomly got a call from one of our investigators that we hadn't really been able to meet with lately because he was working a lot and he said that he had made it to church.  It was super cool so see how all of the work that we had done paid off ad we were able to see a little success for the things that we were working for.

Well thats about it for this week, there wasn't really anything that was super special about it but I had fun. Things are going well here and I hope that the heat will quickly begin to fade away, but for now I'm still alright and we are doing well.  I know that this is the place that God wants me to be in right now and that this church is true.

Love you all, have a great week!!!