Sunday, October 12, 2014



Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2014 11:30:33 +0800
Subject: A week of efficiency!

Hello family!

This week has gone by really well, me and my companion have been working hard and just having fun, enjoying the time that we have to spend here in Donggang and just smiling all the time.  We have been working hard to find new investigators as well as just to be able to keep this area going and it has been really fun =)

This last week was actually the first week of transfers although it didn't really feel like it to me or my companion because I moved halfway through last transfer, but during the beginning of the transfer we set some goals to try to be a bit more effective with our time and with what we were doing, and so we decided that we really wanted to try to not waste any time.  It has been quite the experience and rather tiring all at the same time, but I have found that there is so much more that you can accomplish when you are always trying to keep doing something rather than take a good 5 minutes after a lesson to just think before blazing back out into the heat again and we were able to see the blessings of doing so =)

One thing that we have really been working on improving this week has been our contacting skills, as we have been having a little bit of trouble lately finding some new people to teach we were trying to decide on something new to do, and what we ended up on was to do what we called power boarding, which is just that we made a sign that had 2 good thought provoking questions and we just went around one of the more populated streets in our area and just started asking everybody about it.  it was lots of fun and I found that it really made talking to people a lot more natural and a lot more fun, however I also realized that there were a ton of people who didn't really bother to read the sign and were just assuming that we were after money or something like that.  As we were doing it we walked up to some guy who was just relaxing in one of the super common blue Taiwanese trucks (I'll have to send you a picture of that someday) and we tried to ask him to read the question on the board and all he kept saying was "You should go talk to my boss over there, he's got more money, he's got time ect." it made me laugh a little bit just because that really is what most people think when someone that they haven't met just walks up and starts talking to them, they just want money, but we are trying to fix that =)
There have been a couple of people that we are really working with here now that are super cool, one of them is this really funny guy who is studying to become a nurse right now, it has been really cool to talk to him because he likes to just chat, but once you start talking about the gospel he listens super intently, and he is just super willing to believe what is being taught, unfortunately he doesn't really have too much time lately because as part of the whole nursing program here you have to spend most of your time in the hospital working with the doctors there, learning all that you can and you are always on call (like a normal doctor I guess) and so he has been having a lot of trouble finding time to meet with us or to come to church, but it's really cool to be able to see as we share about Christs atonement or as we share about Joseph Smith with him that you can truly see the spirit working in him and testifying to him, so I have been really enjoying the time that I have to meet with him.

Other than that though I don't really have too much to share about, this week has really just been normal missionary work, there wasn't really anything really special that happened this week or anything like that, just lots of hard work and trying to follow the spirit while doing so.  It has been really good and we have been having lots of fun! Hope that everyone else is doing great!

Love you all, have a good week!!