Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2013 10:50:44 +0800
Subject: Re: How do you know the ocean is friendly?
From: eric.heaton@myldsmail.net
To: heatonjudy@hotmail.com

Hi mom hows things going there?

Yeah so first of all here I do go by He Zhang Lao most of the time but I discovered yesterday that alot of the people in my ward actually are able to speak English quite well so that was an interesting thing to note.  also I am sending this e-mail off first to really make sure that I don't forget to write you like last time... I felt really bad about it and so I hope that this makes up for it.  So the interesting thing about Taiwan is how weird the traffic is here.  It really is just kind of crazy and I don't think I totally understand it but here's some interesting points about it.  First off there are the little motor scooters EVERYWHERE!!! which is really funny, you could walk down a road and the entire road would be totally lined with the motor scooters. Second weird thing is that you can't turn right on a red light... I'm not sure why or anything like that but that's just what it is.  and 3rd is that when you want to turn left, in a scooter i'm not sure if it applies to cars is you would have to wait for the green light, move over to the front of the right intersection into a little "scooter box" that they would have painted on the road and wait for the next green light.  and finally the last interesting thing is that the timers on when you want to cross an intersection when the dont walk sign is up actually tell you how long you have to wait which could go up to about 90 seconds, which is really weird.

Well beyond that I forgot to bring the mail information with me, sorry, but I will bring it with me for the next week so you will have that, but I think they said that the best way is just through USPS or the US postal service, and to make sure that you dont send any of the non allowed items that were listed on that flier when you got the letter from the mission president, also when you are sending it just send it to the mission home, I think that would be the best way to get stuff to me... Sorry I'm not more informed but I'm really just trying to get this whole chinese thing down.

The traveling was long and got me really tired but it was interesting to see everything from up in the sky, saddly we weren't allowed to watch anything and they were really vauge on what music you were allowed to listen to so most of the time I spent sleeping or just reading what they had there.

Anyway sorry for the scatterbrained e-mail but that's what it is, I love you!!

Elder Heaton