Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2013 11:04:23 +0800
Subject: The work moves forward...yeah
From: eric.heaton@myldsmail.net
To: heatonjudy@hotmail.com

Greetings Everyone and their dogs... especially their dogs, but the people can read it too.

So we have been having a great time, but this week there wasn't really much new happening.

So first of all in Taiwan they have what they call "Night Markets" or YeShi and so on Thursday we went down there for dinner, and we really wanted to make like a huge deal out of it so we just invited a ton of members and investigators but it didn't turn out as big as we had hoped, however while we were there one of the members named Liao asked me if I had ever tried chicken feet... and then he went and bought like all the parts of the chicken for me to try, so I had the chance to try Chicken feet (not that great) Chicken heart (pretty good) chicken stomach ( kinda rubbery) and my companion tried that little red thing on the top of a roosters head so that's cool. Now beyond the chicken stuff one of the drinks that the missionaries here like is Dongguo Cha or Winter Melon Tea which is quite delishous, but at the drink stand you can get it with other stuff in it, so I have tried it with some aloe stuff which I really liked but I think my favorite thing to put in it was ice cream because when I tried it it tasted just like a liquid icecream sandwich.

But other than that the things are going well here, I think one of the biggest things that I have noticed here is that lately we have been trying to have a lot of peike's or lessons with a member present or just another person who can help testify and do other things, and sometimes we invite another investigator who was a former and seems to know the doctrine fairly well join us and teach, but during the lesson that we planed for the other person I have gotten the feeling that the person we brought with us, the peike, seemed usually to get more out of the lesson than the person we planned for, so that's kinda cool.

Well that's just about it but I just want everyone to know that I love Taiwan, the place is cool, the people are cooler, everyone is really nice even those who don't really care about our message and things are going well

I know that this message can help peoples lives and am working on being able to speak the language better so that I can tell them exactly how it can.  Its great to be a missionary and its lots of hard work, but also lots of fun.

Elder Heaton