Sunday, February 8, 2015



Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2015 12:18:44 +0800
Subject: Miracles

Hello the family!!!

This week has gone by really well, we were able to enjoy seeing tons of miracles this week as we decided to be as diligent as possible and to really try to hit all of our goals this week, so we went out and the lords hand really guided us into a ton of really cool experiences this week.

The first thing that really brought the spirit into the work was that we were able to have some interviews with the mission president, which is always a good fun time, and he was able to share some cool scriptures as well as some insights that really got me pumped to go out and do missionary work. So we decided after our interviews that we were going to hit all of our mission standards this week and to bring tons of people unto Christ.

So the next day we didn't have anything set up... so we decided to go tracting in an area that was near our house.  So we were out just knocking on doors and trying to talk to people, but nobody was home, until we came to a house that didn't have an outside door, so we could see inside it, and there was a man inside carving idols for a Taoist temple... I don't normally knock on those doors because everytime that I have they just point at the idols and say that that's their religion and just kind of walk away, so we were walking past the house when he yells from inside, come on in and sit down!  Well I wasn't going to turn it down so we go in and talk to him and he tells us a bit on how he doesn't really believe in any religion and just wanted to talk to us, so we were able to share a message with him and set up another time with him next week, it was pretty cool.

Later in the week we had just gone into a store to eat our dinner, we were standing at the entrance looking at their menu and deciding on weather or not we wanted to eat there, when a man walks up to us and just says to us I want to know where your church is... I was a little in shock as nobody ever really asks about that stuff here, but we were more than happy to tell him and to invite him to come to church in the coming Sunday and he told us that he would try, but it was a really interesting experience.

Finally to end the week were traveling over to a less active members house just to see if he would be home, and when we got there... he wasn't home, BUT as we were heading back to our chapel we notice a small pond on the side of the road and decide to pull over, because there was a little house in the middle of the pond and what was all around the house but a bunch of little turtles! super funny, so we decided to look at them for a minute or two and took a picture, and headed home.  All in all it was a pretty fun week!

Well thats it for what I did.  Hope that you are all having a great week and that you can get everything accomplished that you need to!

Love you all!!
Elder Heaton