Wednesday, May 14, 2014



Date: Sat, 10 May 2014 11:34:31 +0800
Subject: Breaking the mold!

大家好!我是何長老, 你們今天好嗎?

Hello the family! How are you all doing?

This week has kind of flown by, I have been doing my best to stay busy and to try to be as useful as possible during my stay in the office, and all in all it is going pretty well.  I can't wait to be able to Skype with you all tomorrow and am totally excited for it.  As far as an exact time, just talking with the Elders here I should be able to Skype at 11:00 AM here which should be about 9:00 PM your time, so hopefully you will all be awake and able to say hello at that time, its not much different from the time that I said before so I hope there won't be any problems.  I will be using my skype account do talk to you and will probably skype Moms if she's online, but if that's not convenient then I will just call whoever looks like they are online and waiting for my call =)

News from this week, I was finally able to get that blasted cast off, WOO!!! so now I have a little more use of my left arm and am able to type again as well as be able to hand write things a little bit neater (my handwriting has been rather illegible for the past couple of weeks =/) but now my arm is back in business for now and so I should be able to write a few more letters!  However unfortunately the doctor said that the fracture is not totally healed yet or the way that he said it was that there is "Clinical Union" but there's not "Strong Union" yet and so I should be taking it easy on my arm and so I still don't have the OK to ride my bike yet or anything like that for a little more time... But at least the cast is off for now so its a start =)

This week I had a great opportunity to be able to attend a "Specialized Training Meeting" for missionaries that have been in the 台中 mission from 6 months to a year, which was talking about becoming senior companion, taking on leadership rolls and just what it means to truly lead an area.  It was a great meeting that was filled with the spirit as the mission president took a good amount of time to answer questions, discuss various investigator situations, deciding when and how to drop investigators, managing time as well as just being an example for the junior companion, there were tons of promised blessings and a real spirit of motivation within the whole meeting.

Outside of that I have been doing as much as I can to stay busy, they have what they call a referral system here where if you contact a person that lives outside of your area you can place their name in this system and it will send the persons information to the missionaries in their area.  It is a super useful program that was made by a missionary a while back, at this last week it went down for some reason, so I got a chance to take a look at it, and without doing too much got it back up and running. But it was super interesting to look at the program code and just see how little I really know about programs and how much I still have to learn, but for now I am still a missionary and am doing my best to get back up and running in the streets, preaching the gospel.

I hope that you all are having a good week and I can't wait to be able to Skype you all.  Have a great week and remember to keep smiling. It does a person good!