Monday, March 3, 2014



Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2014 11:06:07 +0800
Subject: Wheel chairs and the four flights of stairs

Hello the Family and everyone else.

This week has been a fun one.  We have been working hard and making sure we have been staying busy, so that's always fun.  There's been lots of interesting things that have been happening and some cool people that we have been able to meet.

So first of all one of the things that I have been eating a lot lately is actually fruit smoothies, they are so good.  I first started buying them because one of the other elders in my ward seems to buy a cup of watermelon juice (just blended watermelon with water and ice) every day which is really good, and so I decided that I wanted to start buying some more random fruit drinks, as there are tons of fruit stands just all over the place here you can usually find a place nearby that will sell some blended fruit.  So good

This week we also found a cool investigator that lives in one of our further away secondary areas called 大樹 which just means big tree... yeah but the guy is really cool by the name of , he owns a computer store so I always enjoy going down there even though its about a 40 minute bike ride down to his house.  He has been to other churches before but he has never met with missionaries before, and so he is really happy and willing to meet with us and discuss what scriptures mean because he told us that he doesn't really understand them.

Other than that we have a couple of other cool people that we are working with, I think I mentioned before that we have a brother that we are working with, who doesn't have any strength in his right arm and both of his legs, and so for the past 3 weeks or so we have been carrying him in a wheelchair down 4 flights of stairs because he lives on the fourth floor of an apartment building that doesn't have an elevator.  So while we have been doing this, we have been relying on one the the members in the ward (the ward mission leader) to drive us to his house, and help us carry him down and up the stars so that he can get to church, but yesterday he didn't have time to take him back home after church, so we tried to get him up the stars with just us two (Elder Wootan and myself) and it didn't really work very well, but then his really old father came out and helped us and we managed to get him back to the fourth floor safely.

Well there's not really much else that has happened this week, just more lessons and cool people that we have been meeting with, trying to stay focused on the work and have lots of fun while doing so.  Hope that you all are having a great week and I will talk to you all again next week

Have a good one, and remember to keep smiling!
Elder Heaton