Monday, June 3, 2013


Hello everyone who decided to be reading this.
So My first week at the MTC is just plain ol crazy.  when I was dropped off they sent me into the building to get my stuff give me my nametag and do all of that.  Then afterwards they showed me where I lived, I was the first one in my apartment to arive, pick a bed then find my PMG and scriptures then they took me to class.  I guess we were running behind because when we got to the classroom one person pulled me aside to go watch an introduction video but before I was able to even start watching it the same person pulled me away just pointing to his watch (I think he only spoke chinese) and took me back to class so that was weird.
But enough about that.  My companinon for the whole 9 weeks is named Elder Ward hes a soccer player from bountiful and basicly knows just about everyone here at the MTC, we really cant walk like 5 feet without him yelling out to someone new and begining a conversation with them.  My other 2 roomates are elder Oberg and Elder Teerlink, both are really nice.  We have a great companonship within the room as Elder Ward and Elder Oberg both went to the same highschool, so we spend most of the time as us 4 in a group just chilling together.
This whole week is what everyone calles the hardest week mainly because there isnt really a set schedule they just have something set for this week to get you familiar with the mtc and after that they put you in a normal schedule.  I'm not going to lie but I was having a really rough time for most of the week thinking of all the things that I could be doing at home  and thinking of my family and it was just causing me problems however when we finally got to Sunday when I was just about to break we made it to the devotional where we heard the account of Joseph's Smith's Marterdom, it was there that I was finally able to feel just a little bit of the spirit saying to me that this is where I needed to be and no matter the trials and homesickness that I feel it will be alright.  So afterwards we went and watched Legacy which was a great uplift to end the day of just a more spiritual level.
My Chinese is going ok.  On the third day out, which was friday I think they had us teach a mock investigator by the name of Frank, in 100% chinese, when they told me that I almost laughed in their face until I realised that they were serious and so me and elder Ward quickly sat down and jotted down some good notes on a quick first lesson.  so we made it through but it was intense, I didn't really understand most of what he was saying but I caught some of it but it really opened my eyes on what I need to reach before I make it to Taiwan. But they really dont roll out any training wheels for you its just put them into the fire and hope that they make it.  It is definitally a different teaching method but it seems to be working so I hope that my chinese improves to a useable level before they throw me into taiwan.
Well I hope that everyone is doing well.  It sounds like sara is working on finding an apartment, good luck on that Sara and Ben is off to survival.  I hope that you are all going to have a good summer and know that I miss all of you and hope that these next 2 years fly by for me.  I love you all and wish for the best for all of you
Hugs to all of you and wish you all the best
Elder Heaton
When I arrived at class they had a name written down for me which is He on a rising tone so I am now He Zhang Lao (pronounced Jang lao)